August 26, 2013

A Civilization of Lies: The Media's Hollow Rhetoric About Syria Should Fool No One

 obama gifs
Obama is a carnival act. This pretty much says it all.

"Threatening to attack Syria, and moving ships into position to do it, are significant, and illegal, and immoral actions.  The president can claim not to have decided to push the button, but he can’t pretend that all the preparations to do so just happen like the weather.  Or he couldn’t if newspapers reported news." - Washington's Blog, "Lying About Syria, and the Lying Liars Who Lie About the Lying" Sunday, August 25, 2013.

"Given the substantial doubt among experts regarding the claims that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people, and the desire of the American people to stay out of another war even if Syria did use such weapons, the U.S. government’s saber rattling appears to be further alienating a population already skeptical due to the NSA spying scandal and Iraq war." - Washington's Blog, "Americans Strongly Oppose U.S. Intervention In Syria’s Civil War and Believe Washington Should Stay Out of the Conflict EVEN IF Reports That Syria’s Government Used Deadly Chemicals to Attack Civilians Are Confirmed" Sunday, August 25, 2013.