July 30, 2013

The Zionist-Fundamentalist Christian-Saudi Wahhabi Alliance Against Peace And Humanity

Below is a comment by "Smith" on the website Going To Tehran. Exact date and time of comment: July 30, 2013 at 6:47 am.
Zionists believe they are the “chosen people”. So as per their ideology it is not like they are to serve God but God is to serve them. Christians believe that they are sinless people since they accepted Jesus as “son of God” who gave his life for the sins of Christians (you can keep doing as much sin as you want) so they are hastening “Rupture” and their own “Salvation”. Wahabis think that they are the “Owners” of “true” Islam and that Shias are crypto-fireworshiping deviant kafirs. Together they are an alliance of convenience feeding each other and targeting Islam.
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"Saudi Wahhabi Sheikh Calls On Iraq's Jihadists to Kill Shiites" by Haytham Mouzahem, Al Monitor, April 28, 2013. (Summary: A Saudi Wahhabi sheikh has issued a fatwa in which he calls on jihadists in Iraq to kill Shiites, including women and children, in another sign of the bitter sectarian conflict dividing the region, writes Haytham Mouzahem.

Saudi Wahhabi Preacher Issues Fatwa Allowing Jihadis to Rape Syrian Women.