July 16, 2013

Some Comments on the Zimmerman-Martin Drama

In every society, political opportunists politicize small tragedies while covering up greater crimes.
"The only real heroes in this trial were the jurors. They showed that this is still America — at least for now — despite politicians who try to cheapen or corrupt the law, as if this were some banana republic." - Thomas Sowell, "Is This Still America?"
The only thing that President Barack Obama said in reference to this case that is true is that it was a tragedy. But, then again, tragedies happen all time, especially in relation to gun violence, so why focus on this particular case?

The political motivations behind the White House's interest in this case as well as the media are plain to see. The media and White House were never interested in justice by covering this case so aggressively. It was a psy-op. They want to vilify the gun culture and demonize gun owners as racist, bullying, weirdos, thus by extension delegitimizing the tea party and political right. The media made Zimmerman out to be the poster boy for gun-toting racists, scapegoating him in effect before the trial even began.

Wayne Madsen said on the Alex Jones show the other day that in past years this case would've been a local story rather than a national obsession.

I have avoided commenting on the trial and the media's coverage of it for several reasons. The most important is that it's not my country, and I feel wrong to pass judgment on a local story that has relevance and meaning only for Americans. Now that the trial is over, and it doesn't look like this story is going away anytime soon, some comments are warranted. Racial tensions are being played up for political aims which is bad and irresponsible, so as a duty to my brothers in America I will comment on this now.

What needs to be kept in mind is that this was not a clear-cut case of aggressor and victim, it was simply a case of two stupid young men getting into a stupid altercation over nothing. That may be cruel and insensitive to hear for some, but that's not my intent. Zimmerman was stupid to follow a person around in the middle of the night, and Martin was stupid to release his rage in that instance and pounce on Zimmerman. It is stupidity upon stupidity, and to give in to this stupidity by exaggerating it is stupidity upon stupidity upon stupidity.

If the American political and media elite was sincere about addressing black suffering in America then they would point their cameras and express their concern at the prison-industrial complex, the horrible education system, the lack of well-paying jobs, the massive shipping in of drugs to the inner cities by the CIA, etc.

In tragedies like this there is no guilty party, only sorrow and regret. The only bright spot here is the jury. The American Jury is one of the few remaining positive forces in human society right now, anywhere in the world. Remember, in 1999, an American jury found the U.S. government guilty for the assassination of MLK, which the media completely ignored. It continues to black out the verdict by the jury to this day.

The backbone and intelligence of the American jury was on display again in this case. Rather than give into political pressures and fulfill the media-provided narrative by judging Zimmerman to be a merciless murderer, they judged him based on the facts of the case. It was not a perfect jury. One juror described Martin as a "boy of color," which shows her ignorance and/or intolerance. But, despite this stupid remark, the jury got it right by not convicting Zimmerman.

The black out of the MLK trial proves that the media is not interested in true justice. But, it's even worse than that. It is deliberately provoking race to secure a political and legal victory for the WH administration.

After the trial ended, rather than drop the story, the media seems to be encouraging mob justice, which isn't unique to this case. Its hyper-extensive coverage of this trial, and connecting it to the gun culture and the tea party, shows a deeper, sinister plot is at work here. The disarmament of the American people is a high priority. They are hyping up the racial divide in America and painting gun owners as the incarnation of the KKK, which goes against reality.

The White House, Washington, and the media are going all in and not looking back. They want to prosecute a political and cultural revolution in America from the top, and getting rid of the Constitution as well as guns are essential steps in this historical process.

Their separation from reality, their complete disregard for facts and the truth, their total ideological and political commitment, and their zeal to radically change the gun culture, is dangerous. As we know from recent history, when a group of revolutionaries monopolize the use of force they quickly use that power to transform the society and country, erasing the memory of their victims while demonizing political dissidents.         

This is the last time that I will be writing about this trial/case.