July 2, 2013

Closet 9/11 Truther Morsi Is Being Driven Out of Office

Read: "Fun Fact: Aspiring Dictator Morsi Is A 9/11 Truther. But Does That Make Him Good?"

In November 2012, Time Magazine hailed Morsi as the "most important man in the Middle East." LOL. Slime Magazine is living in a fantasy world. Morsi is not an authentic voice of the Egyptian people. His mistake was not being more forthright about his views of 9/11. Instead of fighting injustice and tyranny, Morsi bowed to USrael and the IMF. He did not stand up for his country and his people.

And now Morsi is being driven out because of his subservient posture to his masters in Washington and his embrace of morally bankrupt institutions like the IMF.

Begging the banksters at the IMF for loans is very low. An ancient nation like Egypt has to have pride and say to the IMF and people like John Kerry, Barack Obama, and the U.S. ambassador: get the fuck out of here you demons.