June 15, 2013

America And Israel Will Use Nukes To Force Submission of Muslims

Darkness in their eyes, hatred in their hearts, death on their tongues: Obama and Netanyahu are not humans, but monsters.

A healthy and sane society looks inward and fixes its problems rationally, peacefully, and democratically, rather than violently lash out at invented monsters in distant and exotic lands. Sadly, the Obama administration has taken the latter course.

It is intent on escalating the war in Syria by all means at its disposal: a renewed and massive propaganda campaign aimed at the peace-minded public, godlike air power, deploying elite U.S. special forces on Syria's border, arming Jihadist terrorists to the teeth. You name it, they've thought it through and have many plans ready to go.

The longer the war drags out in Syria, the more anti-American enemies will be created, which plays into Washington's scientific brainwashing strategy that is directed against the American people. Advocates of endless war abroad and perpetual poverty for millions at home couldn't be happier. The collapse of Syria will contribute to the collapse of Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, go down the list.

A normal human being looks at that nightmarish scenario and says, "it must be stopped," but psychotic USraeli leaders look at the same picture and say, "Sweet, more enemies to kill, more people to bomb, more lands to lay waste, more weapons to sell, more money to spend."

The day will come when the brainwashed people of America will look at the images on their televisions, and demand that their leaders bomb everything breathing in the region in order to "get rid of the disease of Islam once and for all."

Both mega-church going, naive Christians and full-of-themselves liberal atheists will get together and jump on board with the "bomb them to hell" idea because they are both ignorant of the true causes of the conflicts in the Middle East.

Mean and destructive language will be used. The mainstream conversation about the Middle East in America so far has been guided by Zionists and Neocons, and they think in radical and extremist terms about Muslims. Genocide is on the minds of some of them.

These dangerous madmen see themselves at war not against Assad or Palestinians, or this group or that group, but against a religion of over one billion people. They want to conquer not just Palestine but Islam. And, in their delusional minds, if it means tens of millions will die then so be it. They think they will win because they are mad enough to use nukes in this manufactured war. If it comes to that disastrous point, and if you read the signs correctly it looks like it will, then USrael will use nukes to force submission of Muslims.

For the time being, they are perfectly happy to let one group of Muslims to kill another group of Muslims in Syria, Iraq, and other countries, but when this game is up, they will take over and then the real killing will begin.  

The criminal and psychotic leaders in the U.S. and Israel are not guided by morality and they have no respect for human life so they see no problems with using their nukes to make all the Muslims submit to them. Peace was never part of the plan. Compromise was never on the agenda. They are seeking annihilation, not co-existence.