June 3, 2013

Turkish Opposition Says Erdoğan Must Go


The Turkish Observatory for Human Rights (doesn't exist, it's a name on a piece of paper, just like the 'Syrian Observatory For Human Rights') says more than 5,000 protesters have been killed by the Erdoğan-led Turkish government in the last week of protests (number is made up, just like it was in Syria in the early months of protests in 2011).

But the Islamist dictator of Turkey is not having any of it, rejecting the democratic demands of protesters and dismissing them as extremists and foreign spies.

The international community is supporting the secular and young Turkish opposition. Civilized humanity is saying with one voice, "Erdoğan Must Go." But dictators don't listen to their own people, so why would they listen to foreigners?

Expect Erdoğan to suppress the protesters with savagery and continue to give aid to the Jihadist terrorists in Syria to bring down the Assad-led regime.

Turkish prime minister shrugs off protests. Source: Al Jazeera.

Turkey Protests: 'Bloodbath' Continues, 3,195 Injured And CNN Videographer Assaulted. Source: David Seaman.