June 19, 2013

The Waste Land, read by T.S Eliot (whole poem with notes)

T.S. Eliot - The Waste Land (1922).

The Waste Land, read by T.S Eliot (whole poem with notes). Source: YouTube Channel Menurella. Date Uploaded: January 23, 2013. Description:
The Burial of the Dead: 00:00
A Game of Chess: 04:58
The Fire Sermon: 10:21
Death By Water: 18:19
What The Thunder Said: 19:00

Written in 1921-1922.

"The use of recurrent themes is as natural to poetry as to music. There are possibilities for verse which bear some analogy to the development of a theme by different groups of instruments ['different voices,' we might say]; there are possibilities of transitions in a poem comparable to the different movements of a symphony or a quartet; there are possibilities of contrapuntal arrangement of subject-matter." - T.S Eliot, The Music of Poetry (1942).