June 16, 2013

Obama Embraces Neocons' War Against Syria, While Ron Paul Makes The Neocons Look Silly

President Obama is up in arms about the non-existent reality that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. He has become the biggest mouthpiece for Neocon propaganda.

Obama has also replaced Osama as the key man in Al-Qaeda's success in the Arab world. Without the funding provided by the Obama administration, the Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria would not be able to create so much needless harm and bloodshed.

Obama is turning out to be a more effective leader of the terrorist organization than Osama ever was. Frankly, bin Laden is looking like an amateur compared to Barack. Under Obama's reign, al-Qaeda has been able to carve out influence in both Libya and Syria.

But where is their gratitude to America and Obama? Instead of thanking the United States for its hospitality and generosity towards them, the bastards in al-Qaeda are threatening to strike America on home soil. This is the reward America gets for supporting these terrorists?

These ungrateful Jihadists should bow down to America for what it has done for them through the years. Washington has planned and executed al-Qaeda's biggest victories, both inside America and in the Arab world.

Washington is now about to hand al-Qaeda its biggest prize yet - Syria.

The current conflict in Syria has nothing to do with the Arab Spring that began in North Africa and Egypt. Former French Foreign Minister said in a recent interview that plans to attack Syria were laid out before the events of the Arab Spring. Retired American general Wesley Clark said in October 2007 at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco that the U.S. was planning for regime change in Syria.

Obama's push for a no-fly zone over Syria is based on the lie that Assad has used chemical weapons. The French government claims there is "proof." French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says he has hard evidence that Assad used sarin gas.

These claims are baseless. There is no proof. They are lying again to politically justify another aggressive war in the Middle East.

Plus, their hypocrisy couldn't be more transparent. Both the U.S. and French governments supplied Saddam Hussein's regime with chemical weapons, who then used them against the Kurdish population in Iraq.

On Tuesday, June 11, UPI reported in an article called, "French companies in court for providing gas to 'Chemical Ali'":
Iraqi Kurd survivors of a chemical attack in 1988 by Saddam Hussein are taking legal action against French companies that supplied poison gas, a lawyer said.
French and American leaders should stop talking about chemical weapons. Their history of supplying such weapons to dictatorial regimes is not good. Their new allies, al-Qaeda and Jihadist terrorists, have used chemical weapons in Syria. Read this article from May 6 to learn more, "Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, not Assad’s regime: U.N. official."

The Neocons want to sacrifice America's interests in yet another war. Their current lies are more obvious than their previous lies. It takes less than 20 seconds to disprove their empty arguments for war against Syria. Ron Paul does it in the video below.

Ron Paul destroys neo-con argument on Syria poison gas. Source: RonPaulInstitute.