June 20, 2013

Morsi Picks Former Terrorist Whose Group Killed Tourists In Luxor To Be Governor of Luxor

 Temple of Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings, Luxor: Site of the 1997 terrorist attack on tourists by the Sunni Islamist group Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya.

This week, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi shocked both the Egyptian people and international observers when he picked Adel Asaad Al-Khayat, from the Islamist terrorist group/movement Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, to be the new governor of Luxor.

The group targeted a famous tourist attraction in Luxor on November 17, 1997, killing 62 people. Their motive was to damage the tourist economy, and, by extension, destroy the credibility of the government.

"Following the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, the movement formed a political party, the Building and Development Party, which gained 13 seats in the 2011-2012 elections to the lower house of the Egyptian Parliament," (Wikipedia).

Read this excerpt from the article, "Morsi-appointed Governor of Luxor linked to 1997 massacre" by Voltaire Network (June 19):
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi appointed, on 17 June 2013, 17 out of 27 governors total across the country, increasing to 11 the number of Muslim Brotherhood members.
Among the newly promoted, the president picked Adel Asaad Al-Khayat as governor of Luxor. Al-Khayat, who now represents Building and Development Party, is one of the organizers of the 17 November 1997 Luxor massacre which left 62 people dead (photo).
The Minister of Tourism, Hisham Zazou, resigned in protest.
Ahmed Feteha wrote in The Wall Street Journal in an article called, "Morsi's Man in Luxor":
A decade ago, Gamaa al-Islamiyya renounced violence and after the fall of Hosni Mubarak in 2011, went into Egypt's electoral politics along with other hardline Salafist groups. Salafists embrace a literal, purist interpretation of Islam popular in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Khayat, who is active in Gamaa's political wing, wasn't personally implicated in the Luxor attack. How admirable.

His other credentials are no more sterling. Mr. Khayat was arrested after the 1981 assassination of Anwar Sadat, but never convicted. His group took part in the Islamic Jihad-led plot to kill the Egyptian leader.
Alastair Beach wrote in The Independent in an article called, "Luxor protests against Morsi's new governor for the city - former Islamist terror leader Adel el-Khayat" (June 18):
Hoteliers and tour operators in Luxor were beginning to mobilise against Mohamed Morsi last night after the Egyptian President appointed a former Islamist terror leader as the city’s new governor – the same man whose fundamentalist group committed a notorious massacre in the city back in 1997.

As crowds of locals began to protest outside the governor’s office on Monday afternoon, tourism chiefs in the city were due to meet in a hastily convened session to discuss their response to the development.

“This decision is completely wrong,” said Mohamed Abdel Samir, the manager of Viking Travel. “This is not a suitable man for Luxor at all.”
Every successful revolutionary statesman starts out as a terrorist, ain't that the truth? But there is nothing revolutionary about the US-backed Muslim Brotherhood. It is a colonial elite who serve foreign interests, and their interference in Syria against the interests of the Syrian people is yet more evidence that they are willing to kill Arabs and Muslims for the benefit of Washington and Israel.

According to this Egyptian Islamic leader, who fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet occupation, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood will cave to the hardliners in Israel at every opportunity, saying, "But those (Muslim Brotherhood members) are a bunch of moronic amateurs who will succumb to things that even Mubarak refused to accept."

Israel's cunning leaders love the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies are coming to power in countries like Egypt as a result of the Arab Spring because 1) they can sell their brainwashed population on the Islamist bogeyman with even more credibility, and 2) they know that the Muslim Brotherhood poses no military threat to them so it's not much of a bogeyman. It's a win-win for Israel. They are hyping a threat that they can control. Read, "Mossad Controls The Islamists," by Aangirfan.

This recent political development in Egypt is not as scary as what is going to happen in Syria if Assad falls and the Syrian military fails to hold back the US-armed Jihadist terrorists. The crimes that the FSA terror gangs and brainwashed religious zealots are committing are animalistic in nature. Many of those fighters belong in an insane asylum. They can't even govern their own instincts, so how can they govern an entire nation and provide security for all the citizens in a post-Assad Syria? They are introducing anarchy and madness in Syria.

Morsi is helping in this effort by sending as many crazed Salafists/Wahhabis to Syria as he can. And there is an endless supply of them.