June 5, 2013

Friends of Jihadist Terrorism Aim To Destroy Syria

Faulty Washington Logic: Assad Must Go, But Saudi And Qatari Dictators Who Fund Jihadist Terrorists Around The World Can Stay As Long As They Want.


Jonathan Manthorpe - "Saudi Funding Fuels Jihadist Terror" (Vancouver Sun):
The ultimate responsibility for recent atrocities like the Boston marathon bombing and the butchering last week of an off-duty British soldier is very clear.

It belongs to Saudi Arabia.

Over more than two decades Saudi Arabia has lavish around $100 billion or more on the worldwide promotion of the violent, intolerant and crudely puritanical Wahhabist sect of Islam that the ruling royal family espouses.
An excerpt from Pepe Escobar's article, "Meet the 'Friends of Jihad'" (Asia Times):
Western politicos love to shed swamps of crocodile tears about "the Syrian people" and congratulate themselves within the "Friends of Syria" framework for defending them from "tyranny".

Well, the "Syrian people" have spoken. Roughly 70% support the government of Bashar al-Assad. Another 20% are neutral. And only 10% are aligned with the Western-supported "rebels", including those of the kidnapping, lung-eating, beheading jihadi kind.

The data was provided mostly by independent relief organizations working in Syria. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) received a detailed report in late May - but, predictably, was not too keen on releasing it.

As Asia Times Online has been stressing for months, the Sunni business classes in Damascus and Aleppo are either neutral or pro-Assad. And most Sunnis now regard the gangs of foreign mercenaries weaponized by Qatar and the House of Saud as way more repellent than Assad.