May 19, 2013

The Plight of Syrian Refugees

There are Syrian refugees in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and other countries. There is an estimated 400,000 refugees in Turkey alone. But it is hard to pin down the real number of Syrian refugees because there has been no systematic accounting of people leaving Syria during this crisis.

Also, since belligerent nations like the United States, Saudi Arabia, France, and Turkey that seek to oust Assad have a political interest to increase the number of refugees on paper, official statistics that are reported in the news cannot be trusted.

One last note: Thank you United States of Israhell for all that you do! First you create problems in the Arab world by arming Jihadist terrorist groups to fuel years of warfare in the region, and then you don't do anything about the human costs and consequences of your war-making. Have a nice fall, assholes. And don't let your pet toy, Al-Qaeda, hit you on the way down.

Below are videos about the Syrian refugee crisis:

Title: The Syrian Refugee Crisis In Iraq: Neglected, Underfunded And Escalating. YouTube Description - [Channel: NorwRefugeeCouncil. Published on May 16, 2013]:
Today there are more than 140 000 Syrian refugees in Iraq. Every week, thousands of new refugees cross the border in the search for protection. What's needed?
1: Emergency funding to provide safe water and camp sanitation
2: A realistic plan to house the expanding refugee population
3: Political and technical support to bolster the capacity of host authorities

Title: Race against time in Zaatari refugee camp. YouTube Description - [Channel: NorwRefugeeCouncil. Published on December 21, 2012]:
With temperatures plummeting down to near freezing point at night, it is a race against time to ensure that Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp are prepared for winter. The NRC is insulating tents, distributing thermal blankets and has airlifted 6,000 heaters into Jordan to be distributed in the coming days.

Title: The Plight of the Syrian Refugees. YouTube Video Description - [Channel: Salwa Attiga. Published on January 28, 2013]:
Hi everyone, this is a video that I made to support my 10th grade personal project at school. The objective is to raise awareness about the suffering of Syrian refugees in Jordan and particularly those in Al-Za'atari refugee camp in Mafraq.

Hope you enjoy it...

Title: The suffering of Syrian refugees in Jordan. Uploaded by Medlebanon on March 31, 2013.