May 15, 2013

Healing the Mind [Trailer]

Title: Healing the Mind. YouTube Video Description - [Channel: DJ Kadagian. Published on April 29, 2012]:
This is an introduction to Four Seasons Production's upcoming film Healing the Mind.

With the acceleration in the speed and volume of experience we live on a daily basis we have seen a similar acceleration in the amount of depression, anxiety, ADD and other mood disorders.  Many have turned to medication looking for relief.  The use of antidepressants alone has increased nearly 400% since 1990.

Is there another way to address this epidemic?  A 5,000 year old scientific tradition known as Ayurveda leads us to believe that there is.

Healing the Mind will be narrated by Giancarlo Esposito and feature interviews with world renowned doctors in the field of Eastern and Western medicine, Ayurveda, psychiatry, psychopharmacology and holistic healing. Ricky Williams will appear as a testimonial to the healing nature of Ayurveda.

Expected release date l Fall 2012.