April 30, 2013

Friedrich Hölderlin - To the Sun-God


Source: Selected Poems of Friedrich Hölderlin. Translated by Maxine Chernoff and Paul Hoover. 2008. Omnidawn Publishing: Richmond, California. Pg. 71.

Friedrich Hölderlin - To the Sun-God

Where are you? Drunk, my soul grows dim
     From all your delight; for only now
          I watched how, exhausted by his travels,
               The enchanting young god

Bathed his hair in golden clouds,
     And now my eyes fill with the sight of him;
          Though already he’s far from here, well along his way
              To the pious folk who revere him.

I love you, Earth, who joins me in mourning him,
     And our sadness turns to sleep like the grief
          Of children, and, as the winds flutter
               And whisper in the strings of the lyre

Until the master's fingers unlock a purer sound,
     Fog and dreams play all around us
          Until the loved one returns,
               Igniting in us love and spirit.