April 8, 2013

Estampie - Orepolska

Description of Estampie's album "Secrets Of The North (2012)" [Source]:
Estampie goes North...with their most current CD, listeners are taken on a journey to a fascinating, boreal world of sound. The nordic ballads tell tales of knights, trolls, and mountain kings, of enchanted nightingales, magic horses, and dancing bears. As in fairy tales and fables, animals reflect the multifaceted strengths of man, with magical beings such as elves and mermaids intervening in their destinies. Estampie will whisk you away into the timeless Nordic world of love, betrayal, and longing, spinning silver, musical threads and teaching us once again to wonder and marvel in amazement.
Estampie - Orepolska. Source: YouTube Channel Gottfried Leibniz.

Estampie - Linden So Grön. Source: YouTube Channel STAHLPUPPE.