April 22, 2013

Al-Qaeda Terror Is Very Good For Israel

"For most countries last week’s Boston Marathon bombing was a grim reminder that violence can break out anywhere, at any time. For a select few it became a huge inconvenience, as with the Czech Republic, whose ambassador has had to explain to Americans that Czechs and Chechens aren’t the same thing at all.

And then there’s Israel, who, if you listen to top Netanyahu aide Ron Dermer, may as well have just hit the lottery with this bombing. Dermer is seeing it as a “big boost” that is going to make the average American more pro-Israel and even more eager to increase aid to them." - Jason Ditz, "Boston Bombing – Good for Israel? Top Netanyahu Aide Sees Diplomatic Dividends for Marathon Attack," AntiWar.com, April 21, 2013.
Al-Qaeda terror is good for Israel? No way! Since when?  


You're telling me that the state that was born through terrorism is still feeding off of terror decades later and wants more of it? Jesus, who knew?