March 23, 2013

Jihadist Leader of FSA Cries About His Masters Cheating Him (Video)

"They invited us to many conferences, but in total they told us, 'We will give you weapons if you fight the Islamic groups.' This was told to us in one of their conferences. 'We will arm you if you, the FSA, fight the Islamic fronts.' I left this conference." 
This quote above is from the video below. It is by a high-level Jihadist terrorist leader. He is defending the plethora of radical Islamic terrorist groups that have sprung up like poisoned mushrooms in Syria thanks to Turkish, Qatari, Saudi, UK, and US aid.

He is apparently angry that the political and military leaders of these countries have asked him to take on the radical Islamist fighters whom he has deep sympathy with.

He is also angry that he and his fellow band of terrorists have not received a new shipment of weapons. At one point he says, almost in a crying voice, "they cheated us."

What can we get from this interview? Jihadists are being used up like cannon fodder. They only serve one purpose, and that is to kill Syrians who stand in the way of their march to Damascus.

That was to be expected. The motives of the belligerent foreign powers who want to bring Assad down were never pure. They don't want there to be a Syrian revolution, or a peaceful transfer of power. They are interested in bloodletting, in Muslims killing Muslims. They have unleashed chaos and terror in Syria.

How can Islam be a solid faith when Muslims are killing Muslims in Syria and elsewhere for the pleasure and profit of the United States and Israel? These Sunni Jihadist terrorist groups are literally begging to the United States government to arm them! And they expect their stupid Islamic Caliphate to be victorious when they do shameful things like this?

These Jihadist terrorists deserve to get cheated. If you sleep with the devil in the night, don't complain in the morning that you have to pay up. Don't go begging to the United States for weapons and then cry for a divorce when the sun comes up.

Low-level and high-level Jihadist terrorists are getting weapons and money and in return they must either fall into line and follow their masters, or they will be left out of the process of change. They have no bargaining power. They are creatures of the terror-scientists in Washington. They are more disposable than garbage. Most of them are worthless untrained fighters who target the innocent and are cruel to ordinary people.

These Jihadist terrorists will never be victorious in the war in Syria. US leaders will ride these donkeys as long as they can, and then leave them for dead on the side of the road.  

Video Title: SYRIA: FSA leader explains heavy Foreign Involment (March 2013) (ENG subs). YouTube Video Description - [Channel: John Doe. Uploaded on March 22, 2013]:
This interview clearly documents the illegal heavy interference of the USA, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the plan for regime change in Syria.

There's no doubt, the whole "syrian revolution" is controlled from the outside.

Sorry for the voice sync shift and bad video quality.