March 3, 2013

Jesus Christ Did 9/11, Not Bin Laden

The fact-less claim that Jesus Christ was responsible for the September 11 attacks holds as much weight as the U.S. government's case that Osama Bin Laden was behind the suspicious events.

Washington has less international authority than North Korea, let alone the Church, so if the new Pope comes out and says that the ghost of Jesus Christ attacked America on 9/11 he would have a better story than the demonic liars in the White House.

Thus far, the lunatic U.S. government has provided zero evidence to prove its case that Bin Laden did 9/11, and yet it believes that its word alone can persuade the skeptics.

Who does Washington think it is? God? LOL. Sorry geniuses, but that job title has already been taken.

The criminal U.S. government is making an argument based on faith and not on facts. Since we are already going down this religious road let's just take it on faith and say that Jesus Christ, son of Mary, did 9/11. It would make for a better Hollywood movie, that's for sure.

Those who argue that this is impossible because Jesus Christ was already dead when 9/11 happened can be brushed aside as crazy conspiracy theorists. If the fact-checkers demand proof, the media can call them proofers. Who needs science and rational thought to silence doubters when public ridicule and official mockery are way more effective?

Next up on the Washington-Hollywood agenda: Assassinate Jesus Christ and then make a movie about his ridiculous, scripted death. The trick worked with Bin Laden, who was already a ghost by the time Barack Obama became President, so why not with that other mythical figure from history, Jesus Christ?