March 9, 2013

Divining Rod, Part 7B: "Maya"

Divining Rod, Part 7B: "Maya." YouTube Video Description - [Source: ProfessorCosmic]:
Part 7 of the "Divining Rod: Illumination and the Twilight Zone Experience," a 55 minute analysis/appreciation of Rod Serling's brilliant creation. In Part 7B, "Maya" and the Conclusion, we look more closely at the figure created in Hall's dream. Who is she? She is death and the illusion of death. She is dualism, the illusion of separation between you and the world, subject and object, male and female. She is sexuality and death. But she is a guide, too, to what lies beyond, the great mystery of the Oneness of the unmanifest and unconditioned. She beckons us to follow her there, though she seems to be leading us to death. She leads us to the conclusion of the piece, the state of the Twilight Zone as awakening of consciousness to its own Infinity, to the otherness of the world which only seemed familiar while we slept. Listen for the voice that calls to you in a dream, listen and awake and the Door will open.