February 3, 2013

Rebels: A Journey Underground #1 - Society's Shadow

A quote from the documentary "Rebels: A Journey Underground #1 - Society's Shadow":
"History is shaped by dissent. Civilization harbors rebels. Those who struggle for possession of the future against conformist authority. Taboos are broken. Forbidden knowledge is received. The fringes of society give us visionaries. Rebels reject censorship and they open doors to new perception."
YouTube Video Description - [Channel: Jason Hoehn]:
From Bohemia and 19th century European romanticism, this film looks back through history to uncover the beginning of "new vision" thinking in Western civilization and its links to what is now called counterculture. From 1830's Paris to New York City's Greenwich Village at the turn of the 20th century, it follows the paths which brought Europe's most rebellious voices to America. Includes profiles of William Blake, Victor Hugo, Theophile Gauthier, Charles Baudelaire, John Reed and Woody Guthrie.