February 26, 2013

Mary Theroux: The Presidency as Theater

Argobama, go you know what.

I was creeped out when President Obama's wife handed out the Best Picture prize at the Oscars. The separation between art and politics was officially erased on that night.

There should be no question anymore. America is without a doubt a totalitarian collectivist state wherein the President and his wife act like the father and mother of the people. Hollywood is even popularizing this view of them. 

The Obamas are inserting themselves into American cultural life too much. Seeing the First Lady in your living room on Oscar night represents a totalitarian nightmare coming to reality. It's disturbing as hell. This is Sovietism on a world scale because the Oscar awards reach hundreds of millions of people around the world.

A free society doesn't tolerate the narcissistic behaviour of people in power. My stomach turned when the President's wife tried to act like a cultural ambassador, going on about how films are so powerful. She was an intruder at what should be a depoliticized movie awards ceremony. She's not that important in America's cultural life to be giving out the top prize for anything non politics related.

I guess Hollywood and Washington wanted to lift the veil on their secret, decades-long marriage. This year was the year to do it. The filmmakers behind films like ZDT and Argo are very open about the CIA's influence over film scripts, producers, companies, and the entire film process. The filmmakers involved even brag about their relationship with the CIA. Being a totalitarian propagandist isn't taboo in Hollywood. You get awarded for it.

Enough of my babble. Read what Mary Theroux of The Independent Institute has to say:
The culmination of last night’s Oscars broadcast with a Live! feed from the White House with Mrs. Obama (hangin’ with her military BFs) marks the official recognition of the Presidency as theater: like the old Western sets, no substance required. Continued. . .