February 16, 2013

LOL @ This Piece of Shit

An excerpt from "Senior Saudi official: Danger of terrorism still persists":
Prince Turki bin Mohammed al-Saud tells international conference on security that terrorist threat remains, urges global cooperation to combat it.

RIYADH - A senior Saudi official told an international conference on security on Saturday that the "terrorist" threat remains and urged global cooperation to combat it.

"The danger of terrorism and terrorists still persists and affects several countries," Prince Turki bin Mohammed al-Saud of the foreign ministry told delegates at the opening of the two-day event.

"We must face up to it using all means and at all levels, local, regional and international.

"Terrorism threatens us all, without exception," Prince Turki said, calling for global action to "eradicate terrorist plans through coordination between specialised centres in the struggle against terrorism."
Terrorism is alive and well thanks to this piece of shit and his government. No one is buying his bullshit.