February 5, 2013

God Made A Farmer, So Obama Made a Drone To Kill Him

And in the second term of his tenure Obama looked down on the cities of the Earth and said, "There are too many people." So, Obama made a drone to kill them all.

Obama said America's new wars must be fought in the shadows, and in the dark of night, when mothers are separated from their children by sleep and the only sound in town is the drone hovering above. So, Obama made a drone.

Obama needs a machine to do the dirty work. No more risky gambits. Killing lambs must be a quiet deed. Soldiers are breakable. They have feelings, and their heads are all messed up. A President cannot only rely on damaged and resentful troops when the time comes to fire on more immediate targets, in a soldier's own backyard. So, Obama made a drone.

Obama said, "I need something to maneuver outside of the boundaries of civilization, above the moral heights of mankind, and beyond the limits of traditional warfare. Something that can kill a child and attribute his death to an act of terrorism by someone nearby, that can put terror into the heart of every person who stands opposed to the White House. So, Obama made a drone.

Obama had to have a piece of technology that symbolized terror. The mask of death had to come off at some point, and there is no place better than in the sky where the gods call home. Obama does not do well in a face-to-face environment on the ground where the victims lie forgotten, he is closer to the drones and the gods in the sky. So, Obama made a drone.

Obama said, "I need to act with total impunity and kill anything I see moving at any time of the day, whether it is a mastermind of a global terror network, a young farmer on his way home to his new wife, or an infant still in the embrace of her mother's arms at the moment of death." So, Obama made a drone.

It had to be something quick and dependable, and be able to escape the wrath of the creatures that suffer and die under its wings. A machine with the features of a bird, the visions of a god, and the powers of hell on its side. Something crafty enough to track down and kill a ringleader at the edges of the Earth, small enough to spy on the lowly people without being seen, and strong enough to destroy an entire village with one push of a button. So, Obama made a drone.