January 9, 2013

The Young Turks Attack Alex Jones, Call Him Crazy

"Like Alex Jones, Michael Savage is a full blown lunatic. He has mental issues, needs to be on some sort of medication, and perhaps institutionalized." - Cenk Uygur.

What utter garbage. This is stupid rhetoric.

Is everyone now a clinical therapist? Is there a new priesthood coming to power? The media is throwing the word "mentally ill" around willy-nilly, just like they have done with the word "terrorist." Anyone who goes against mainstream thought is mentally ill according to the priests in the media.

Calling the opposition crazy is the oldest trick in the totalitarian playbook.

It is not wise, democratic, or liberal to call people mentally ill who simply disagree with prevalent political opinion and government policies.

Instead of institutionalization, why not education? Institutionalizing critics of the government is a violent and crazy act, which means the gun control advocates are actually the violent and irrational ones.

And Alex Jones is nothing like Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. Alex is real and tells the truth. Plus, being a little crazy is good.