January 2, 2013

Mossad Loves Al-Qaeda, Too!

Al-Qaeda has friends in high places.

We all know how much President Drone loves Al-Qaeda, but he's not the only one. Israel's government is also infatuated with Al-Qaeda thugs and terrorists.

Here is an excerpt from an article by Voltaire Network called, "Mossad agents in the Al-Qaeda unit that attacked the Yarmouk camp":
The battle that raged starting December 9 in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp (south of Damascus) has revealed new alliances.
It now appears that the al-Qaeda fighters were not only made up of Muslim extremists, but also included Israeli Mossad agents. They had specific plans for cornering the leaders of other Palestinian factions and eliminate them. Not finding them, they allowed the other members of Al-Qaida to systematically loot the empty apartments of these leaders. [Source : “Mossad agents in the Al-Qaeda unit that attacked the Yarmouk camp ”, Voltaire Network, 2 January 2013, www.voltairenet.org/article177039.html].
So, Israel is not fighting terrorism, it is spreading it. Al-Qaeda is a virus, and USrael is injecting it into the social bloodstream of secular Middle Eastern countries like Syria as well as Western countries.