January 11, 2013

More Excerpts From Sanai's "The Walled Garden of Truth"

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Source: Sanai. "The Walled Garden of Truth." Translated by David Pendlebury. 1974. London: The Octagon Press Ltd.

"Nothing in the world
can harm you like prosperity;
no prison in the world
binds like the prison of existence." Pg. 35

"God is his friend, who is no friend of self;
no man with eyes on self has eyes for God.
If you are really a man of the path
abstain awhile from looking at yourself." Pg. 47.

"Malice and rancour are unkown to him:
anger is a sign of impurity;
you cannot speak of 'the wrath of God',
for he has no such attribute;
anger and hatred stem from compulsion
and both are equally far from him.
From the creator comes nothing but mercy;
he is the veiler of his servants' sins.
His mercy counsels, his grace ensnares you;
whether you come or not, he calls;
he offers you paradise in his kindness;
but in this abode of ignorance and folly,
you have chosen the path of evasiveness.

Let others be heedless: you be prudent,
and hold your tongue along this path." Pg. 48.

"Why claim to be somebody
in this village of yours?
The only thing that singles you out
is that to be nothing at all
is better than any such distinction.
You may think you are something
but that something is nothing.
You think you amount to something?
--So do the dots on a dice!

It's a happy man who has effaced
his imprint from the world,
neither seeking nor sought by anyone.

Whoever is caught up in the bonds of this world
stands only to gain if he flees its might;
for this world is the source of pain and sorrow:
the wise have called it a transit camp." Pg. 51-52.