January 1, 2013

Interview With Edward F. Edinger ["The psyche is real"]

Dr. Edward F. Edinger "was a leading Jungian analyst and founding member of the C.G. Jung Foundation of New York. He was chairman of the C.G. Jung Training Center in New York, where he practiced for many years." [Source: Amazon.com].

Dr. Edinger died on July 17, 1998. Here is an excerpt from The New York Times obituary, dated August 2, 1998, titled, "Edward F. Edinger, 75, Analyst And Writer on Jung's Concepts":
Dr. Edward F. Edinger, a leading Jungian analyst whose books on the interplay between symbols and psychology carried the concepts of Carl Jung to a new generation of American analysts, died on July 17 at his home in Los Angeles. He was 75.
Dr. Edinger believed that many neuroses were associated with the decline of religion and the dominance of science. He thought it was important for the afflicted to grasp elements of religion, philosophy, literature and even alchemy to heal and thrive.

''He taught that the goal in analysis was for the ego to establish contact with a greater personality within the psyche, to strengthen the ego-self axis,'' said Dr. George R. Elder, a friend and therapist in Ocean Ridge, Fla.
Dr. Edinger was interviewed by Lawrence Jaffe, Ph.D., a Jungian analyst, on May 15, 1998. It was his last interview. Here are two quotes from the interview:
Dr. Edinger: "The question of recognizing the reality of the psyche is the whole point of Jungian psychology. That’s why Jung says in that quote you read at the beginning: that his major task was to open people’s eyes to the fact that man has a soul. The psyche is real."

Dr. Edinger: "The world is very fast becoming interlocked, and at all levels. That means that a breakdown can’t be confined just to a locality. But it will be generalized. It seems perfectly obvious to me that that’s going to happen, that it’s built into the nature of the system. There’s a hubris about the system which is going to evoke nemesis. It’s incalculable what can happen when there’s such a widespread breakdown: the financial services will collapse, the stockmarket will collapse. Just the ordinary supply of basic items will be in jeopardy. It’s just nightmarish to contemplate."
I recommend you read the entire interview.

Dr. Edinger wrote many profound books about the Jungian understanding of the soul, God, the modern collapse of faith, and the individual psyche. Below is a short list.

"Anatomy of the Psyche: Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy" (1991).

"Ego and Archetype" (1992).

"Encounter With the Self: A Jungian Commentary on William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job" (1986).