January 9, 2013

Ask The Leveretts Anything: The Treatment Of Women In Iran

Source: The Dish.

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My opinion on the status of women and gay people in Iran: No society is perfect. The dress code for women in Iran is repressive, but it is superficial to only look at this aspect of life and paint a government as being against the liberation of women. Education is more important. But the ideology of the Islamic state is completely out of date with the times regarding gay rights. It is ridiculous for the Iranian president to say that there are no gay people in Iran. This just goes against reality, and it isn't a smart position to take.

I respect Hillary Mann Leverett and Flynt Leverett for traveling to Iran, learning about the country from firsthand experience, and informing the American people about Iranian society from a non-ideological perspective. They are experts who deserve the name of experts.