June 29, 2012

A Giant Fiction: USrael's War on Terror Has Proven To Be Fake In Syria

 The Pentagon loves Jihadist terrorism in Syria.
"Ironic indeed, that the US in particular is backing entirely terrorist forces that thousands of Americans have shed their blood allegedly fighting in the "War on Terror." It appears that Al Qaeda, admittedly a creation of the CIA in the 1980's to draw in and fight Soviets in Afghanistan, is still patronized by the West and used as both a convenient casus belli as well as a terrorist proxy force against enemies of Western foreign policy." - Tony Cartalucci, "NATO Member Turkey Harboring Terrorist Army."
U.S. support for Islamist terrorists in Syria will backfire against the U.S. and its biggest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

"The US policy of arming and supporting the Syrian rebel militias could be catastrophic," writes John Glaser in his article, "Israel Fears Rise of US-Supported Jihadists in Syria."

The Pentagon's love of Jihad is an indisputable fact. Anwar al-Awlaki, the CIA's #2 man at Al-Qaeda, was even invited to the Pentagon for dinner on one occasion. Also, it is well known that Osama Bin Laden was cared for in the later stages of his kidney illness by the CIA's own doctors. He was given five-star treatment.

How can this be? How can the CIA and NATO arm Jihadist terrorists? How can the CIA create and protect its own enemies like Osama Bin Laden? How can the Pentagon love Jihad and hate America? It's simple. The Pentagon is controlled by corporate globalists who play off countries against each other, including America. Supporting the growth of Islamic Jihad and getting Americans and Muslims to fight each other is not an American policy, but a fascist-bankster policy.

America's interests are harmed by the CIA's pro-Jihad policy, and the CIA likes it that way. America ceased to be when President John F. Kennedy was killed by the CIA in 1963, so the CIA's destruction of America is nothing new.

The CIA's evil policy also benefits Israel because its entire reasoning in its perpetual war against the Palestinians is built on the argument that Palestine and the Islamic world is full of Jihadists who don't want to make peace with Israel or the West.

If you tell the CIA and Israel that they're hiring and arming all the Jihadist terrorists in town and using them to destabilize countries they just stare at you like you're crazy because it is an uncomfortable truth.

This truth is so important to tell because it sounds the death knell to the credibility of the war criminals in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. It proves that the terrorism threat is a giant fiction. The Pentagon's active support for Jihadist terrorists throughout the Middle East allows the transnational war machine and corporate war profiteers to stay in business indefinitely.

My article, "What 9/11 Told Us: "A Civilization Based On Terror" Is At War With Itself," begins with a revealing quote by the American philosopher William Irwin Thompson, who said:
"We won't keep our defense industries alive unless we are in the state of terror. We don't believe in any other informational system except a state of terror, and we wonder then why we have a civilization based on terror." 
The arrogant madmen who did the false flag 9/11 events have nothing to offer to the world except terror and tragedy. They have reduced America and Israel from rich countries to failed terrorist states. And they have exported their government model to Libya, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Their goal is to set up failed terrorist states throughout the Middle East so they can keep the region poor and backward, while continuing to justify the illegal war on terror in the eyes of the Western public.

Geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci says that post-Gaddafi Libya is, "a safe haven for terrorism." He writes:
In fact the only success story that can be told coming out of Libya, is its emergence as a military logistical hub serving similar NATO destabilizations across Northern Africa and across the Middle East. With an entire nation serving as a safe haven for terrorism, a nearly endless supply of weapons and fighters can be propagated to multiple theaters of conflict. Ironically enough, eastern Libya (Benghazi, the epicenter of 2011's destabilization) had served as a terrorist recruiting center for fueling sectarian violence in Iraq that effectively neutralized a joint Sunni-Shi'ia insurrection against Western occupation." 
NATO's model for Libya is being copied in Syria, where NATO-backed Islamic extremists are targeting Christians and other minorities. Once they ruin the country, President Barack Obama is going to make a big speech along the lines of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech in 2003 after the U.S. destroyed Iraq.

But there is no guarantee that Assad is going to step down anytime soon. He says Syria is in a "state of war," and the Syrian people are dead set against a Western intervention in their country.

II. Turkey Joins The Western War of Aggression Against Syria

Despite the Syrian people's resistance to foreign aggression, the USraeli and Saudi Arabian war criminals have not given up on their quest for regime change in Damascus. They have instructed Turkey to attack Syria through the back door. So far, Turkey is fulfilling their criminal plan. It invaded Syrian airspace and then pretended to be the victim when Syria defended its territory.

Turkey's leadership has used the incident to bolster its military presence on the Syrian border and .

Historian Webster Tarpley says Turkey's plan to create a "buffer zone" in northern Syria will embolden the NATO-backed terrorists, and reduce Turkey's strategic position and national prestige.

Turkey is in effect committing national suicide by spreading chaos and terrorism to Syria. The dust that Turkey is throwing at Syria will be brought back to its own land because the winds of change are also blowing inside its borders. 

Tarpley said the following about Turkey in an interview with Press TV on June 27:
"I would like to point out if Erdogan wants to be the new regional hegemon, he is doing it in the wrong way because he is not looking like a powerful leader, he is looking like a puppet of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and this is a rather pathetic thing.

They are goating him towards a war in which they will not be involved but he will be. He’ll be left holding the bag and they will continue to send money and troops. I think the most dangerous thing that Erdogan has done in his speech depending on how it was translated he seems to say: if Syria approaches the Turkish border with military forces then the Turkish forces will respond with gunfire and so forth.

Now what does that mean? It sounds like he is thinking in terms of a buffer zone or humanitarian corridor or something like this. That is a recipe obviously for a wider conflict."
In the weeks and months ahead, NATO will turn Syria into an even bigger hell. Its campaign of terror against Syrian civilians will intensify. And the Jihadist terrorists who are allies with USrael, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey couldn't be happier. They know the Pentagon loves them like a parent loves a child.

III. A Giant Fiction

The USraeli war on terror is based on a giant fiction. The history of the last eleven years is all lies.

The history books will say that America fathered Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad. And that the CIA-MI6-Mossad-Jihadist terrorists are one big happy family.

June 28, 2012

NATO's Kafkaesque War Against Syria

 Kafka's ghost wrote the screenplay for NATO's war against Syria.

NATO's war against Syria has been long in the making. In September 2003, the Guardian newspaper wrote about a secret CIA-MI6 plan from 1957 that recommended ways to change the government in Syria and replace it with a puppet regime. Here is an excerpt from the Guardian article:
"The plan called for funding of a "Free Syria Committee", and the arming of "political factions with paramilitary or other actionist capabilities" within Syria. The CIA and MI6 would instigate internal uprisings, for instance by the Druze in the south, help to free political prisoners held in the Mezze prison, and stir up the Muslim Brotherhood in Damascus.

The planners envisaged replacing the Ba'ath/Communist regime with one that was firmly anti-Soviet, but they conceded that this would not be popular and "would probably need to rely first upon repressive measures and arbitrary exercise of power".

The plan was never used, chiefly because Syria's Arab neighbours could not be persuaded to take action and an attack from Turkey alone was thought to be unacceptable. The following year, the Ba'athists moved against their Communist former allies and took Syria into a federation with Gen Nasser's Egypt, which lasted until 1963."
Speaking of the CIA-MI6's 1957 plan for regime change in Syria, the author of the website "Moon of Alabama," said: "That all sounds very familiar when compared what is happening these days."

After fifty-five years, the plan to destroy Syria has been put into action by the CIA, MI6, and their clients in the Middle East. A number of factors explain why Washington and London decided to act against Syria this time around.

One, the Arab world has turned on Syria in the wake of the CIA's Arab Spring, which saw the replacement of anti-Western rulers with pro-Western puppets.

Two, Syria's former ally, Egypt, has swung to the corner of the Western-backed Muslim Brotherhood, which supports a NATO intervention in Syria. Its real name should be the CIA-MI6-Mossad Brotherhood.

Three, Turkey is led by a foolish and arrogant leader who wants to fulfill the wishes of his Western masters by committing aggression against Syria.

And four, the collapse of the Soviet Union naturally emboldened the U.S. empire and made the power-drunk crazies in Washington dream of world domination. And taking out Syria is part of their insane dream. 

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury  Paul Craig Roberts says the "criminally insane government in Washington," poses, "the greatest threat to life on earth that has ever existed." Roberts writes:
"The neoconservative lie behind Washington’s wars of hegemony is that the US is bringing democracy to the invaded and bombed countries. To paraphrase Mao, “democracy comes out of the barrel of a gun.” However, the Arab Spring has come up short on democracy, as have Iraq and Afghanistan, two countries “liberated” by US democratic invasions.

What the US is bringing is civil wars and the breakup of countries, as President Bill Clinton’s regime achieved in former Yugoslavia. The more countries can be torn into pieces and dissolved into rival factions, the more powerful is Washington."
Washington's war against Syria and war against terror are, at their core, propaganda wars. The truth is Washington's biggest enemy, not this or that country, or this or that terrorist organization. Washington is not afraid of Al-Qaeda, which it created, but whistleblowers, truth-tellers, and investigative journalists.

The surreal aspects of the media war against Syria have not gone unnoticed. The Western media has twisted reality and falsified the crisis from day one. It's like Kafka's ghost is penning Barack Obama's speeches, and NATO's official statements on the Syrian conflict.

NATO's latest stunt in its propaganda war against Syria revolves around a Turkish jet illegally invading Syrian airspace. The whole world knows Syria is on the right side, and Turkey is on the wrong side. But right and wrong doesn't matter to NATO. Reality doesn't matter, either. This newest provocation by NATO shows that Washington doesn't care how absurd it's case against Syria sounds to the international public. It is so committed to its illegal policy of regime change.

Independent journalist Finian Cunningham says that NATO is engineering an, "all-out war in the Middle East," but still has the audacity to establish "peace" conferences about how to end its own criminal wars. Cunningham writes in his article, "NATO Proxies Turkey and Saudi Arabia Move to War Footing on Eve of Syrian ‘Peace Summit’":
"The NATO-backed covert aggression against Syria could be reaching a tipping point for all-out war involving state forces. That should be no surprise. For the past 16 months, NATO and its regional proxies have been steadily increasing the violence and turmoil inside and outside Syria, while the Western corporate-controlled media maintain the ridiculous fiction that the bloody chaos is largely due to the government forces of President Bashar Al Assad cracking down on “peaceful protesters”.

Ironically, the crisis is culminating at the same time that the United Nations convenes an emergency summit on Syria in Geneva this weekend. The meeting, which is ostensibly aimed at “reviving the Kofi Annan peace plan”, will be attended by the five permanent members of the UN security council and other “invited” regional states. The irony is that leading NATO members, the US, Britain and France, as well as their Turkish and Arab allies who will also be attending the crisis conference, are the very parties that have deliberately created the precipice for all-out war in the Middle East." 
Syria's resistance to NATO's aggression is heroic. The people of Syria have acted bravely by standing together as one and opposing the evil plot that has been hatched against them.

Contrary to popular opinion, the legitimate opposition to Assad in Syria does not want a NATO invasion. There is no need to protect civilians from Assad's government because his government is not doing the killing. The CIA's Islamists and other members of NATO's death squads who are misrepresented as "rebels" are doing the killing. They have proven by their bloodthirsty actions that they are barbaric savages who belong in prison, not in government.

But, Washington doesn't care how many innocent Syrians are killed as a result of its support for Islamic extremists like Al-Qaeda. "Lives be damned!" shout the maniacs in Washington. They will lay the Middle East flat if it means they get to put their flag on the ruins. Washington's "humanitarian warriors" are more ruthless and barbaric than Genghis Khan was.

When the history of our age is written, NATO will be remembered as the most rotten and godless empire that the world has ever seen.

ObamaCare Is Poison

Obama to the American people: Health Insurance companies own you. Now take this poison and pretend it's good for you, bitch.

CIA & MI6 Planned Regime Change in Syria in 1957!

Media Conspiracy against Syria: Lizzie Phelan

9/11 And The Evolution of The Western Spartan State

Madness runs through us.
"The question may be raised whether the repudiation of parliamentary government and of all the ideas which collectively constituted what Fisher calls the Liberal experiment is necessarily connected with aggressive imperialism and blatant immoralism. The answer seems to be that the theory of the State which we have to examine demands that a nation shall be permanently on a war footing, and that this type of State is almost incompatible with liberty and decent behaviour. We are discovering with regret that in order to combat Fascism we are obliged to a large extent to fascise ourselves. Power politics and liberty can hardly exist together." - William Ralph Inge. "The End Of An Age And Other Essays." 1948. London: Putnam & Co. Ltd. Pg. 186.
The expansion of state emergency powers following the false flag 9/11 events was done for a purpose, and it isn't to fight terrorism and stop Al-Qaeda, as people in the 9/11 truth community know full well. So far, these dangerous powers have not yet been used by Western governments against Western citizens with any sort of gusto, but their mild-mannered approach is going to change when the Western economy collapses and the United States and Israel attack Iran overtly.

The crackdown on Occupy Wall Street was mostly painless and civilized. But expect the police state to take off the gloves, especially when their joined by the military and martial law is declared by the President. The American Spartan State is not going to play nice with protesters, rioters, activists, persecuted minorities, Christian conservatives, libertarians, leftists, and the declining middle class.

The replacement of Western liberal democracies with Western Spartan States is happening in correspondence with the rise of an Islamic Caliphate in the Muslim world. The embryo of the Islamic Caliphate, the Islamic Republic of Iran, was created by the CIA and MI6 in cooperation with Ayatollah Khomeini and Iran's power-hungry clerical establishment.

The Western Spartan civilization and the Islamic Caliphate that is forming in the East are both authoritarian and fascistic in nature. Hamas, which was created by Israel's Mossad to counter-balance the power and popularity of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), has turned Gaza into a Spartan state and given the Israeli terrorist state further justification to continue its bloodletting policies towards the Palestinian people.

It is not an accident of history that the beneficiaries of Islamic tyranny in the East and corporate/banking tyranny in the West have increased their political power with the aid of the other. Both groups of tyrants have enslaved their subjects through deception and hunger for the Clash of Civilizations that has been engineered with mythic events like 9/11 and 7/7.

II. Olympics Torched: False Flags In London Are Falling Down, Falling Down
"An undercover journalist going by the pseudonym ‘Lee Hazledean’ has blown the whistle on astounding revelations about how he infiltrated the G4S – the company responsible for security at the London Olympics – and discovered shocking plans for the evacuation of London, 200,000 ‘casket linings’ being on standby, along with botched security procedures that leave the Games wide open to attack." - Paul Joseph Watson, "Whistleblower Reveals Plan To Evacuate London During Olympics," June 27, 2012.
The British Spartan State is preparing for a big event during the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Whether or not the British military and secret services are going to stage a false flag/occult ritual in the hyped-up atmosphere of the Summer Olympics should not be a socially unpopular fear. It is a legitimate and warranted fear. The West entered the dangerous and hostile fields of false flag territory on 9/11, so the British people and tourists should be on guard at the Games.

I would be surprised if nothing dramatic and tragic doesn't happen at the 2012 London Olympics. At the 1972 Berlin Olympics, the Palestinian group "Black September" killed Israeli athletes, a reminder that the Olympics stage can be the site of tragedy as well as triumph.

Can we know for certain that something similar is going to happen this summer? No. Will we witness a Black August? I don't know. But we live in a time when such events do happen, especially on big stages like the Olympics. False flags are a big part of our lives. Warning people about the next big false flag, whether in England or America, is a necessary and natural thing to do.

Who cares if saying that a false flag event could happen at the 2012 Olympics makes you look "paranoid," or like a "kooky conspiracy theorist." These authoritarian terms hold no meaning for us. They do not exist in the vocabulary of free spirits.

Mindless paranoia doesn't exist in the post-9/11 world, tyranny does. And in such a state, we as free-thinking individuals are justified to warn our fellow human beings that future false flags will take place, wherever and whenever, nuclear or biological. Name the day, say the time, predict all you want. To hell to people who say you are being "paranoid." I'd rather be paranoid than dead.

III. Black August?

A false flag tragedy at the 2012 London Olympics would give the Western Spartan State further credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of the brainwashed Western public. Imagine the fireworks, and the public response. Remember what happened in the wake of 9/11. Americans went crazy. They told their government: Do what you have to do to make us safe. In the aftermath of a big false flag event in London, even bigger than 7/7, the same madness will overtake the minds of the British people and put the West further on edge.

In a lot of ways, we are already on edge. This is an emergency hour. We must approach reality with a 9-1-1 state of mind. England must be warned. If nothing happens, good. I want to watch the Games going off without a glitch. But if something does happen, then at least some people will have been saved from the ruthless state terrorists who are in power.

We should never lose our guard and refrain from the responsibility of warning people that new false flags may be coming down the pipeline.

The survival of freedom and the victory over Western totalitarianism depend on the distrust of government power. As the night watchmen of freedom, it is our job to be paranoid, so the public doesn't have to be.  

9/11 And The Rise of The World Wolf State
The Madness of Western Civilization 

June 27, 2012

Gaza Is A Spartan State

It is known by state intelligence insiders and people in the 9/11 truth community that Israel's Mossad created Hamas to counter-balance the power and popularity of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization).

In the documentary below by Vice magazine you'll see that Hamas has turned Gaza into a Spartan State. Israel likes this because it knows how to deal with its opposite. Israel can justify its brutality and terrorism against the Palestinian people by pointing at Hamas's authoritarian style, and vice versa.

It's a win-win if you are the heads of Israel and Hamas. But the Israeli people and the Palestinian people are trapped in the middle in this ugly struggle for power and domination. Both groups are victims of the perversity and cruelty of Zionist expansionism and Islamic tyranny.

Gaza Crime and Punishment - Israel/Palestine

CNN: Worship Your Government Masters, Stupid Slaves

CNN: We don't believe in freedom of speech. We believe in government masters.

Read this article by Glenn Greenwald called, "CNN journalist: don’t be nosy."

No wonder CNN has the worst ratings in TV land. They hire really stupid people to brainwash even stupider people. These propagandists don't have enough class to sugar coat their propaganda. Instead, they're coming out and saying, "Look, slaves, you don't have a right to know what your masters in government are doing with your money. Now, sit down and shut up."

Webster G. Tarpley: Turkey’s Erdogan Is Acting Foolishly In Service of Other Powers

Webster G. Tarpley says that, "Erdogan, I think, has acted with breathtaking irresponsibility and folly. He has gotten himself locked into this confrontation, and where does it lead? It seems to lead towards escalation."

Go to 8:20 mark.

June 26, 2012

A Divine Drama: The Esoteric Agenda Behind World War III

"Eternity shudder'd when they saw, Man begetting his likeness, On his own divided image." - William Blake.
"Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War" by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky is a book that cuts through the chaos and deception to show the reader exactly how and why humanity is facing an existential threat. It is a wake-up call that the world is being pushed towards catastrophic conflict.

Western governments led by Washington are assiduously removing every check towards all-out hostility with the Islamic Republic of Iran, escalating economic sanctions, while mounting a fierce array of military power in the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile, the Western public is disarmed from outright opposition to the juggernaut to war because the mainstream media has assisted Western governments in falsely portraying Iran as an imminent nuclear threat to world peace, and downplaying the gravity of what is at stake if a conflict should result – World War III." - Finian Cunningham, "Towards a World War III Scenario: The Real Imperialist Agenda, Review of Michel Chossudovsky's book."

"Fetichism, or the worship of stocks and stones, and rude nature in general, is the matrix from which the sublime idea of an Omnipresent Divinity derived its origin in the schools of philosophy. It is perhaps the most awful and impressive of all the forms of theology. To invest a rock or a mountain, a river or a spring, or even a shell or an amulet, with life and providence, by making it the representative of a powerful spirit, a Deus Loci, or God of the Spot, requires a large amount of imagination and faith; but, when once it is accomplished, nurtured in infancy, confirmed by tradition, and the legends of the old, the timid, the reverential and the credulous, it embraces a larger amount of spirituality and true divinity than modern literarians are in the habit of ascribing to it. The temple of the Fetichist is a large temple : it is the temple of Nature. He requires no church or chapel to solemnise his thoughts and awaken a consciousness of the Divine Presence. He carries it about with him wherever he goes. The temple of his god has no walls. The god has a district, and beyond that district his power may cease ; but the power of another assumes its place, for the world is apportioned and divided amongst the Elohim or Powers. The Fetichist, therefore, walks in temples, he lives in a temple ; the earth that he cultivates is consecrated earth; the forest that supplies him with wood is a sacred forest, and some particular trees and sports are particularly holy ; the rock that shadows him is a venerable rock, endowed with life and vision, and even with speech ; for the echo that distinguishes it can be nothing else but the response of the god. He is, therefore, a thoughtful, reverential, and worshipfol person, especially in a nation like that of the Greeks. To him we owe the first movements of the human in a logical search after the Omnipresent Spirit, the Infinite, and the Eternal. He is the true ancestor of logical theology. The prophet who heard a voice, and the seer who fell into a trance, were told of a being who filled the heavens and the earth ; but they did not comprehend, or did not believe, for they talked of their god as a local god, like their neighbours, and they even saw him, and ate and drank before him, like Moses and the Elders. They sought him not by reason, for he was declared to them by Revelation. But the Fetichist sought him logically, and could not fail, in the end, to discover him, for he is found by all those who diligently seek him.

The sudden appearance of Divine Philosphy in Greece is an outbirth from Fetichism; a search after God ; a diligent, pious, and sacred search after the origin and the nature of things ; after the source of happiness, the principle of moral rectitude or virtue ; and the early sages of Greece were as remarkable for their piety, their morality, their austerity, and scrupulosity in moral discipline, as even the early Christians themselves. Thales regarded water, Anaximenes air, as the original element ; whilst Anaximander, with greater obscurity, maintained that the infinite was the original, without defining it. Pythagoras, on the other hand, took to numbers as primordial principles. He even determined the sex of numbers, the odd being male, and the even female; the elementary principle of an odd number being unity, of an even number multiplicity. Nature was governed by the law of numerical harmony." - James Elishama Smith. "The Divine Drama of History and Civilization." 1854. Pg. 129-131.
"Where were you when they raised the cry
That the great god Pan is dead?
The sailors hauled up near the shore
While the dawn was glowing red.
With a single voice, they made lament
So that all might hear and know
That a mighty force had left the world
And joined the shades below." - Chris Floyd, "End Times."
The first question that immediately pops into your head upon finding out the truth about 9/11 is why?

What is the purpose of World War III? Is it to secure Middle Eastern oil and other resources for America, restart opium production in Afghanistan, prop up the U.S. dollar for the time being, and ensure American hegemony in the world?

Is it destroy the sovereignty and weaken the territorial integrity of independent nations like Syria and Iran?

Is it to bankrupt the United States of America and increase the power of the internationalist central bankers and oligarchs?

Is it to strengthen the position of Israel in the region, create a greater Israel, and completely drive the Palestinians out of Israel?

Is it to lay the political, geopolitical, cultural, and spiritual groundwork for an authoritarian world government?

Is it to reduce the human population down to a manageable number?

Is it to wipe out Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?

Is it to fulfill biblical prophecy?

Was World War III started on September 11, 2001, to achieve all these different goals, from the political and economic to the geopolitical and spiritual? If so, is there a human agency behind this grand plan, or a greater architect? Was this epoch of catastrophes written in the stars? Was World War III avoidable or not? Was 9/11 preventable in the spiritual sense? Or are we all hostages to divine authority and forced to watch this tragic drama unfold? Is history just a masonic conspiracy? 

I try not to interpret events because I'm not smart enough to decipher the larger meaning of history. But asking basic questions is a responsibility that we all share.

It is scary that certain government leaders in the United States, Israel, and Iran share messianic and millenarian beliefs, and believe it is their job to deceive their populations on an epic scale.

In my article, "5 Reasons Why The White House Is A Faith-Based Institution," I explained why the U.S. government is theocratic under the surface and how the President is like the head of a cult.

Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pretend to hate each other in public, but these cult-like messianic leaders have a similar worldview and seem closer to each other than to their own countrymen and constituencies. 

Why do all three men seek war and threaten regime change? Why not let Israel be, and allow the Jews and Palestinians to resolve their own problems? Why not let Iran be, and allow young Iranians to change their theocratic government from within over the course of time? Why not let America be instead of dragging it into destructive and unnecessary wars that severely damage its national security and its status in the world? 

Why must Americans and Muslims fight each other? Why do Jewish leaders punish the Palestinians and cry wolf about Iran?

This is either absolute madness, or, maybe, there is a greater purpose behind all of this destruction. 

America, Persia, And Israel Are Being Sacrificed For A One World Order
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Crisis of Zionism: Peter Beinart

Syria - 500 Army, Law-enforcement and Civilian Martyrs Laid to Rest 20-06-2012

June 25, 2012

Media Beast To America: Bow Down To Military Police, Your New Lord And Savior

 America is a military dictatorship.

The plan to implement martial law in the United States is slowly falling into place. The sighting of tanks on the streets of St. Louis is another sign that America is entering a new and dangerous era of overt military rule.

Kurt Nimmo writes why this shocking development represents the greatest threat to American liberty in his article, "Media Dismisses Warning About Tyranny and Troops on the Street as Kooky Conspiracy Theory":
"The “training” conducted in St. Louis is yet another example of the state conditioning us to the presence of a standing army in our midst. It has little to do with al-Qaeda or phantom terrorists. It is, as Madison noted, an instrument of tyranny designed to enslave the people."
The military is "the most respected institution in America," said President Barack Obama. But expect the military's reputation to change for the worse now that it is officially occupying America and guarding the international banksters who have looted the country and deprived the American people of economic security.

In the past, one could argue that the U.S. military protected America from foreign despots, although the ghost of General Smedley Butler would strongly disagree. Today, however, it is clear that it is nothing more than a guard dog that is infected with a bad case of rabies. This sick dog must be put down, but instead it is being unleashed on the American people as the country unravels and devolves into a third world cesspool.

"For the most part," says former presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, "the sentiments of our founders ring hollow to modern Americans who, ever since World War II, have glorified, idolized, and practically even worshipped the standing US military."

The fighting men of the U.S. military should be honored and glorified. But no respect should be shown to the cowardly and disgraceful traitors who lead this evil institution. They have betrayed their people, their country, and their forefathers, all the while pretending to be Americans in spirit. Their patriotism is skin-deep.

There is nothing to be proud about in being a soldier in uniform, especially in an imperial army. The German poet Heinrich von Kleist said that the military is, "a living monument to tyranny." He left the military because of a "moral obligation."

Soldiers who have a moral sense and a patriotic bone in their body are tortured souls. Some turn to drugs to heal the pain. But there are far too many souls within the U.S. military who are so brainwashed that they don't know they're working for cold-blooded mass murderers and psychopathic liars. And they take orders very well. When the Commander-in-Chief gives the order to enforce martial law, or to confiscate the guns of the American people, they'll answer like well-trained slaves: "Sir, yes sir!" Those three simple words are the cause of so much evil, tyranny, and misery in the world.

Ron Paul's revolution is built on the power of one word: No. "Evil is not all-powerful, but we have to learn to say no," said Alex Jones.

The power of No can defeat authoritarianism and militarism. The military is not powerful enough to twist the arms of the American people and lay the chains of tyranny on them. A military dictatorship must be rationalized, justified, and legitimized with propaganda, a point that is frequently made by Alex Jones.

Tyranny has to be sold to the people under an agreeable banner, and championed as sacred. At least at first. But once the fear of death is driven into the mind of every individual even more than at present, the military will be able to hold onto power just by their presence alone. Plus, in a state of economic collapse and managed chaos, as cities are overrun by riots, a lot of people will be thankful for the restoration of order by the military and police. 

Also, the media's cooperation with the Pentagon and CIA is absolutely crucial in getting the American people to accept marital law and internalize the insane logic of a military/banking dictatorship.

The reality that America is a military dictatorship is being eased into the public psyche by government authorities and their collaborators in the media. The media beast is using its advanced powers of thought manipulation to psychologically prepare Americans for martial law under the illegal authority of an Emergency State.

When martial law is declared, the media beast will tell America:
"Bow down to your new lord and savior. All will be well in this financially broken, politically bankrupt, post-industrial, military dictatorship. Crime will go down. The imaginary Jihadists, militia patriots, and conservative Christians will dare not use terror against innocent civilians to spread their violent and outdated ideologies. The military is here to help and protect us. They are our brothers, friends, family members, and neighbours. As patriotic and proud citizens of this beautiful country, we must support them in their mission to keep the peace and restore law and order to our streets."
Martial Law in America Will Peel Away The Veil of Freedom, Democracy And Civility
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Military & Police Call in About Gun Confiscation Orders

June 24, 2012

The CIA-MI6-Mossad Brotherhood Trick Egypt With Muslim Trojan Horse

 The Muslim Brotherhood is a Western Trojan Horse that has come to power in Egypt thanks to the indispensable support of the CIA-MI6-Mossad brotherhood.
"The West's ability to install a Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, with it's substantial regional standing and influence would be a serious blow not only to Syria, but to Iran as well. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is already echoing calls by the US and Israel for "intervention" in Syria." - Tony Cartalucci, "US Struggles to Install Proxy "Brotherhood" in Egypt."

"The USA has got its candidate into power in Egypt." - Aangirfan, "USA Takes Over Egypt."
Stuxnet and Flame are not the only viruses that have been created by the U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies. The Muslim Brotherhood is perhaps Washington's most successful and dangerous virus that it has injected into the veins of the Middle East. It is an intellectual virus that destroys critical thinking among Muslims, excites their animal passions, and makes them act against their own interests.

With this virus firmly embedded in Egypt's social and political life, Washington has guaranteed its position in the region for years to come. But by no means does the Muslim Brotherhood have anything close to a majority of popular support in Egypt. Since half the country didn't vote in the election, the new president Mohammed Morsi only has the backing of "26% of the full electorate."

Whatever course Morsi decides to take Egypt in the coming months, it is already clear that his government will resemble a gang even more than the one currently in power. The only difference is that Washington wanted the Muslim Brotherhood on top in Egypt, so it won.

What does Morsi's win in Egypt mean for relations between the Western world and the Islamic world? I don't know. But say goodbye to the Arab Spring, and say hello to the Islamist Summer. Washington's Muslim Brotherhood is the new face of Egypt. In the past year, similar radical Islamist groups have taken over in Libya and Tunisia as the result of illegal Western interventions.

Well played, Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. Now you have your war against Islam. Now you can point at the bad guys, the rising Islamists, and tell your populations to hate and fear.

9/11 didn't do enough to stir the passions and subdue the Western mind under a dark cloud of terror. The rise of Islamists in the wake of the CIA's Arab Spring might do the trick. The West has the jitters now. The Muslim Brotherhood is in power. Oooooh, so scary. "Oh my God, not the Muslim Brotherhood. O' Government Master, please keep me safe from those bad guys. I'll do anything you want."

The success of the Muslim Brotherhood at the polls is a big win for the Israeli government, which was secretly supporting Morsi all along.

How does Israel win? It can identify the Muslim Brotherhood as a powerful enemy of Israel that's been democratically elected by Egyptian voters, and continue to portray Arabs as anti-Jewish extremists. Israel's PR machine was spinning into gear even before the votes were counted. Israel was like, "Let's go Muslim Brothers. Win, baby, win. Win so we can have war."

After helping Washington to put Islamic extremists in power across North Africa, Israel can say to the world, "Look, we're surrounded by our enemies, the rising Islamic extremists. Help! Help! I'm drowning! I'm drowning! Help!" And Washington will respond, "Oh, my dear Israel, you poor thing, here are more weapons for your new acts of aggression. Start new wars, as much as you like. We're right here behind you, and we're not going to let you drown."

Washington's new Islamist pawns in power in the Arab world could become very unpopular and an anti-Islamist coalition may rise and defeat them. Or not. The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood shows that America's last days in the heartland of Arabia are still very far away. 

5 Facts That Prove Radical Islam Is A Child of American-British-Israeli Intelligence 
Whose Spring? The CIA's Hand In The Rise of Islamists And International Terrorist Groups
Giving Americans And Muslims Reasons To Fight: 9/11, Al-Qaeda, Drones, And Counterinsurgency

Western Man In Crisis: Technology, Terror, And The Journey of The Soul

Don't be afraid to stand alone in the face of death.
"For, as the philosophers say, one extreme can be well known by another." - Saint John of the Cross, "Dark Night of the Soul." Book One, Chapter Twelve.

"It now remains to be said that, although this happy night brings darkness to the spirit, it does so only to give it light in everything; and that, although it humbles it and makes it miserable, it does so only to exalt it and to raise it up; and, although it impoverishes it and empties it of all natural affection and attachment, it does so only that it may enable it to stretch forward, divinely, and thus to have fruition and experience of all things, both above and below, yet to preserve its unrestricted liberty of spirit in them all." - Saint John of the Cross, "Dark Night of the Soul." Book Two, Chapter Nine.

"But does not the expression of these desires and expectations of a purging of the spirit, a catharsis which would be like a conversion, a rebirth, a regeneration, involve us in a contradiction with something we established in the beginning of this book? There we said that earlier periods, in their longing for a better society, had fixed their hopes on a reversal, an insight, a regaining of sense and virtue, as a conscious and early change for the better. Our time, however, knows that great spiritual and social changes are realised only through a process of gradual development, at the best temporarily accelerated by some extraordinary sudden impetus. And yet we are now demanding and hoping for a revulsion, in a way even for a return.

We are here faced again with the antinomic determination, the inconclusiveness of all our judgment. We are forced to recognise a certain amount of truth in the older vision. There must be a possibility of conversion and reversal in the development of civilization. We are thinking here of the recognition or retrieval of eternal truths, truths that are above the stream of evolution and change. It is these values that are at stake.

A time of heavy mental pressure such as that in which we are living is easier to bear for the old than the young. The old know that they only have to help carrying the burden of the times a little further. Resignedly they review how the world was, or seemed to be, when they began to shoulder their share of the burden, and what it appears to be turning into now. Their yesterday and to-morrow almost fade into one. Their fears and cares grow lighter in the proximity of death; their hope and trust, their will and courage to act, they place in the hands of those who have the task of living still before them. It is for the latter to accept the grave duty of judging, choosing, working, acting. Theirs the heavy responsibility, theirs the knowledge of what is to come." - Johan Huizinga. "In the Shadow of Tomorrow." 1936. Chapter 21. 
The world is on the precipice of world war three. The situation in Syria is heating up, as the United States and its allies continue to arm the largely Islamist opposition with the intent to bring down the current regime.

Turkey's interference in the conflict has put the region further on edge. On Friday, June 22, Syria shot down a Turkish plane that was illegally inside Syria's territory. The message that is being sent by both governments is clear: we are not afraid of war.

But the people of the region are sick of war. The public in the Middle East, including Turkey, overwhelmingly oppose a NATO intervention in Syria. Syrians and Turks don't want to die for another man's war. They want peace and stability between Syria and Turkey.

Syria is not experiencing a revolution, but coming under attack from foreigners, both those near its borders like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, as well as more powerful ones in the West.

Washington and London bear the greatest responsibility for the chaos and bloodshed in Syria. They are funding and arming Jihadist terrorist groups who have no concern for human life. The atrocities that have been committed against Syrian civilians have the fingerprints of the CIA. And yet Assad has unfairly received the blame for the violence because there is a U.S.-Saudi-Israeli plan to remove him from power, destroy Syria, and thereby de-link Iran from Hezbollah.

Legendary journalist John Pilger warned of the dangers of mistaking Western propaganda for news in his latest article called, "History is the enemy as 'brilliant' psy-ops become the news." He said:
"The threats against Syria, co-ordinated in Washington and London, scale new peaks of hypocrisy. Contrary to the raw propaganda presented as news, the investigative journalism of the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung identifies those responsible for the massacre in Houla as the 'rebels' backed by Obama and Cameron. The paper's sources include the rebels themselves. This has not been completely ignored in Britain. Writing in his personal blog, ever so quietly, Jon Williams, the BBC world news editor, effectively dishes his own 'coverage', citing western officials who describe the 'psy-ops' operation against Syria as 'brilliant'. As brilliant as the destruction of Libya, and Iraq, and Afghanistan."
During times like these, we have to remind ourselves that the suffering in Syria is not happening in a vacuum. The crisis in Syria and the Middle East cannot be separated from the crisis in America and the West. There is a political, economic, and, above all, a spiritual crisis in the Western world.

What is the West's core identity? What are its values? Why is it a perpetual war maker? Why is it exporting terror and weapons to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and other countries? Why are Western governments engineering death and destruction across the Middle East? What is the endgame?

The West is not free. We are controlled by lies and led by liars. Everything we know about modern history and the world from the beginning is false. Truth appears, if at all, in the footnotes of the book that is history. Who is the author of this book, and what is his purpose? Who is this book dedicated to? Man? And is the end already written?

Why is Washington dedicated to the destruction of truth and the proliferation of lies? America is the most propagandized country in the world, and its national propaganda is being sold to the world as the real history of our times.

This sad state of affairs needs to change. America and the whole world need to hear the truth about the real origins of the conflict in Syria, the false flag 9/11 events, the CIA's overthrow of the Shah of Iran, and the secret plot to start WWIII between Iran/Islam and Israel/America.

June 23, 2012

Brave New Drones: Don't Dare Look Up, Slave

It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's not Superman, either. It's a drone.

The troops are not coming home, but the drones are, and criminal government officials couldn't be happier.

On Friday, June 22, Paul Joseph Watson reported:
"The rollout of domestic spy drones to watch the American people is accelerating, with footage taken during a recent Memorial Day event in Miami illustrating how authorities are using surveillance drones to keep tabs on partygoers."
Drones serve many police state purposes such as spying on citizens, killing dissidents, and intimidating crowds at protests. But they can also be used legally in specific and legitimate law and order cases. Police agencies across North America and Europe can find many uses for drones. The technology is too good to pass up. In some situations, it would be a crime not to use them.

Resisting this new technology is impossible and a waste of time. It is here, it is in our faces, and it isn't going away. Civil liberty activists should instead put pressure on governments to use drones lawfully and moderately, and in situations that warrant its use. Spying on citizens, intimidating protesters, and killing dissidents are not proper applications of drones.

So far, we have allowed drones to sneak up under our collective noses. This will prove to be a tragic mistake. We can't let this military-driven technology to become a natural element of public space, dominate our lives, track our movements, and punish us into submission to the police state.

If you love Big Brother you may think differently about drones. But Big Brother is a ruthless killer so arming him with drones is not a smart idea.

In drones, the Western Totalitarian Big Brother State has another weapon to wage its war on freedom, dissent, and democracy. Our resistance should be directed not against this new weapon, but against the war on freedom and against totalitarianism.

Our collective enemy is tyranny, not technology. Weaponized drones are a problem, but I'm more worried about the human drones who still believe in the official fairy tale version of the false flag 9/11 events. They freak me out more than the drones in the sky.

Judge Napolitano On Spy Drones 

Today Is The 100-Year Anniversary of The Birth of Alan Turing

Alan Turing, R.I.P.

"Alan Turing - (23 June 1912 – 7 June 1954), was a British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist. He was highly influential in the development of computer science, providing a formalisation of the concepts of "algorithm" and "computation" with the Turing machine, which played a significant role in the creation of the modern computer. Turing is widely considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence."
Alan Turing, Father of Computer Science - Eduardo Galeano

Aangirfan: Alan Turing And The Deep State

BBC - Alan Turing: Inquest's suicide verdict 'not supportable' by Roland Pease:
Alan Turing, the British mathematical genius and codebreaker born 100 years ago on 23 June, may not have committed suicide, as is widely believed.

At a conference in Oxford on Saturday, Turing expert Prof Jack Copeland will question the evidence that was presented at the 1954 inquest.

He believes the evidence would not today be accepted as sufficient to establish a suicide verdict.
Indeed, he argues, Turing's death may equally probably have been an accident.

What is well known and accepted is that Alan Turing died of cyanide poisoning.
But Jack Copeland argues the evidence should be taken at face value - that an accidental death is certainly consistent with all the currently known circumstances.

The problem, he complains, is that the investigation was conducted so poorly that even murder cannot be ruled out. An "open verdict", recognising this degree of ignorance, would be his preferred position.

None of this excuses the treatment of Turing during his final years, says Prof Copeland.

"Turing was hounded," he told the BBC, adding: "Yet he remained cheerful and humorous."
"The thing is to tell the truth in so far as we know it, and not to speculate.

"In a way we have in modern times been recreating the narrative of Turing's life, and we have recreated him as an unhappy young man who committed suicide. But the evidence is not there.

"The exact circumstances of Turing's death will probably always be unclear," Prof Copeland concludes.

"Perhaps we should just shrug our shoulders, and focus on Turing's life and extraordinary work."

June 22, 2012

Whose Spring? The CIA's Hand In The Rise of Islamists And International Terrorist Groups

 Say No To The Murderous Syrian Opposition. Say No To Sharia Law. Say No To The CIA. Photo: Al-Akhbar.
"The pattern of Washington working in unison with multinational, cross-border armed extremists - with, if the word has any meaning, terrorists - has now been revealed as a global phenomenon." -  Rick Rozoff, "U.S. Implementing Afghanistan And Kosovo Models For Syria."

"The New York Times in their article, "C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition," confirms what many have already long known - that the West, led by the US and its Gulf State proxies, have been arming terrorists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, while berating the Syrian government for "violating" a UN mandated ceasefire and for "failing to protect" its population.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been combated by nations across the Arab World to stem the tide of their sectarian extremism, violence, and their targeted erosion of secular nation-states. Ironically, the US which has claimed to have been fighting the forces of sectarian extremism and "terrorism" for over a decade now, have been revealed as the primary enabler of the most violent and extreme terrorist organizations in the world. These include, in addition to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Libya, Baluch terrorists in Pakistan, and the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) currently based in Iraq and being used as proxies against Iran." - Tony Cartalucci, "CONFIRMED: US CIA Arming Terrorists in Syria."

"Apparently, the CIA, Mossad and the Muslim Brotherhood are all close friends." - Aangirfan, "Who Loves The Muslim Brotherhood?"
It is curious that the people who opposed U.S. imperialism in Iraq and criticized the Bush administration for manipulating world public opinion to legitimize the U.S. invasion are now supporting U.S. imperialism in Syria and defend the Obama administration's policy of regime change in that country.

What changed?

The story changed.

The story that's been sold to the world is focused around a fake "Syrian revolution" against the current government. Liberal dupes who opposed Bush's war against Iraq on the grounds that it was an illegal war based on false intelligence are supporting Obama's war against Syria, and they feel confident that they are on the right side of history for doing so.

It is a stunning and shameless turnaround, and proves that the political entity known as "The Left" in Western politics is without honour, principles, intelligence, courage, consistency, and integrity.

Policy-wise, there is no difference that separates the Bush administration from the Obama administration in their approach to the Middle East. Regime change is the name of the game. Financing and arming terrorists is done by the CIA, Mossad, and their Arab clients at the word go. Washington's goal is to destabilize Syria, overthrow the regime, and split Syrian society apart.

Dupes describe what is happening in Syria a "revolution" against a tyrant. The reality is that Washington is conducting an illegal war against Syria and is responsible for mass murder, terrorism, and Hitlerian war crimes.

Contrary to popular opinion in the West, Assad is not hated by the Syrian people. There is more anti-Obama sentiment in America than there is anti-Assad sentiment in Syria. The "Syrian opposition" is a mysterious composition. It consists of, "a small collection of mercenaries, foreign fighters, and sectarian extremists, armed, funded, and directed by foreign interests solely to wreak havoc within Syria," writes Tony Cartalucci.

The NATO-backed terrorist gangs and fanatical murderers are causing chaos in Syria. Every freedom-loving individual in the world should stay clear of the falsely labeled "Free Syrian Army" like the plague.

The Western establishment media is playing the most evil role in the Syrian war. Washington is waging its war against Syria under a thick layer of propaganda smoke provided by government-controlled media channels and newspapers.

As part of its larger criminal effort to change the regime in Syria, Washington is spreading false information through Western and Arab media outlets to discredit Assad as a viable leader. It is using propaganda in an attempt to brainwash the West into believing that the violence in Syria is the result of the regime's response to democratic protests, not NATO's malicious destabilization campaign and acts of terrorism.

Washington's most precious allies in the war against Syria are the very same international terrorist groups that it warns are a danger to the West and pose a considerable threat to the security of the United States. They include Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist terrorists, and other scumbags who love to kill women and children in the name of Islam.  

Watch this video that shows one of NATO's cold-blooded killers shooting an innocent Syrian civilian at point blank range. Defenseless women and children are being killed across Syria in a similar manner by other Western-armed Jihadist terrorists who belong to the "Syrian opposition." 

It may appear to the Western public that Assad is hated inside Syria due to the artfulness of Washington's propaganda, but this is an illusion. The truth on the ground is more complicated. A popular revolution is not taking place in Syria. Instead, the CIA, NATO, the Arab monarchies, the Israeli government, and international Jihadist terrorist groups have teamed up to wage an illegal war against Syria.

June 21, 2012

5 Reasons Why The White House Is A Faith-Based Institution

Pope Bush and Pope Obama share their thoughts on the divine steps outside the White House.

1. The President Is A Cult Leader.

The cult characteristics of the President's relationship to American society is hard to ignore. Bush relied on the stupid religious right to win in 2000, and Obama won in 2008 largely due to the support of his crazed and mindless followers who worshiped him as a new age god. They believed Obama would deliver them from Bush's hellish America all by himself because this is how cult followers think.

Cult followers don't have self-respect and self-worth. When you criticize their leader for his faults and crimes, they take it as a direct attack on their own character and identity. Instead of expanding their knowledge base and approaching reality and political personalities with a critical attitude, they react like children against attacks on the president, and get angry with the dissident who they regard as a bad person.

2. The Will To Lie: The Barack Obama Con And The History of CIA Brainwashing of America.

U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron belong to the school of thought that believes the State has a right to lie. Recently, Cameron lied about Putin's stance on Syria, and Obama lied about his role in the Fast and Furious scandal. Both examples point to a larger pattern of lying, cover-ups, and other sociopathic behaviour.

But these are minor scandals and minor episodes of Western leaders lying to the world. Lying about Syria and Fast and Furious is small compared to lying about 9/11, the origins of the financial crisis, the crimes against humanity committed by NATO in the Middle East, suppressed technology, and the CIA's ownership of the office of the U.S. presidency.

It is an open secret that John F. Kennedy was killed by the CIA, but the U.S. government has lied about his death for half a century. Also, most of the world knows that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent who died sometime around late 2001 and early 2002. But the CIA's deceptions don't end there. It is known inside Washington's elite that Obama is a CIA creature.

But the CIA's brainwashing of America and the world is so systematic and sophisticated that asserting any of these truths in public gets you labeled a "conspiracy theorist."

3. White House Magic: Ritual, Myth, and Presidential Performance.

Obama has taken his role as a puppet to a whole other level. He is so robot-like. Most presidents like Clinton and Reagan are natural with crowds and don't have to read off of teleprompters every time they are in public. But Obama's presidency is marked by a failure to appear authentic and persuade the world that he is who he says he is. Obama's heavily scripted speeches, little to zero improvisation, and a lack of emotion in his delivery are major leadership faults. Read more about Obama's frozen style of speech-making in this article, "The Magical Wolf In The White House: The President As A Divine Speechmaker, The People As A Herd."

The ritualistic aspects of the presidency cannot be overstated. Obama doesn't personally decide on anything except maybe the color of his suits, but he probably has advisers for that as well. His job is more symbolic. It is about his performance as the leader of the American empire.

On the night of May 1, 2011, Obama gave the "I killed Osama" speech that was intended to give him a lift at the polls, solidify his foreign policy record, and distract the public from other controversies like Obama's birth certificate. Obama's entire speech was a lie; the raid was a lie; the Pakistan connection was a lie; the participation of the Navy SEALs in the killing of Osama was a lie. The speech and Obama's performance was one big psy-op. But in the public mind it was real.

4. The White House's Power Is Based on Terror, Propaganda, And Faith, Not Public Trust, Truth, And Reason.

How do we know the White House is not lying about policies as big as the war on terror and events as big as 9/11? We don't. We have to take the President's word on faith. And only cult followers are willing to do that. Skeptics cannot afford to blindly place their trust and faith in the word of any leader or government, especially a government as crooked and evil as the one in Washington.

Facts are foreign to the sociopaths in the White House. The President and the CIA believe they can manipulate reality forever, but this is a delusion and shows that the effects of madness are kicking in. The hijacked U.S. government cannot brainwash the American people and the world with magic rituals like 9/11 anymore. In my article, "No More Rule By Slogans And Brands: Public Confidence In The PR State In D.C. Is Collapsing," I said: "Since the big 9/11 lie is accepted by less and less people, the political collapse of the bankster controlled American Empire and Israel is closer than most people think."

The White House has no real power over America. Apart from a cult-like following among the brainwashed members of American society, the President's support would be below ten percent and maybe even less. Real power is based on trust, truth, and respect for public opinion. Barack Obama and the psychologically twisted American ruling class have abandoned and betrayed the American people and basic American principles so they have no power. Moving forward, the hijacked U.S. government will have to rely increasingly on state terrorism and propaganda to coerce the will of the American people and manipulate reality.

5. The President Is A Pope.

The President of the United States is more of a religious leader than the Pope or Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei. America's counter-terrorism ideology is a state religion, and 9/11 was the sacred event that started this religion. 

The Pope classified his critics and victims as "heretics." They were tortured and killed mercilessly. President Obama classifies his victims as "militants," and his critics as "conspiracy theorists," and "racists." Obama's victims are also tortured and killed mercilessly. The President's killers and torturers in the CIA are carrying out an inquisition in the Muslim world.

But there is a big difference between the Pope and the President. The Pope doesn't have nukes. The President does. And Obama says "all options are on the table" vis-à-vis Iran, so we shouldn't be surprised if America or Israel drop a nuke or two on Iran in the future.

And if President Obama or any American President uses nuclear weapons against Iran, the President's cult-like followers in America will rationalize his act of insanity and glorify him as a bringer of peace who saved the world from the Mullahs.

Expect the brainwashed members of the religious right and the delusional left to absolve the White House of all sins and all crimes, because otherwise these cult followers will be forced to search deep into their own souls and reflect on why they blindly followed the President of the United States to World War III and the nuclear abyss.

Corbett Report - Just Be Evil: The unauthorized history of Google

NATO's Salafist Terrorists In Syria Blow Off The Head of A Pro-Assad Individual

Warning: This video is extremely graphic.

June 20, 2012

NATO Winter In Syria Increases Risk of World War III

 The "Free Syrian Army" is made up of clueless USraeli pawns who use NATO-supplied guns to kill innocent Syrians. Source of picture: The Telegraph.

The Western narrative of the conflict in Syria has been proven to be a lie over and over again.

Syria's president Bashar al-Assad is not suppressing legitimate democratic protesters, but battling NATO-sponsored terrorists who are taking the country hostage and carrying out Washington's plan for regime change. They have been sent to Syria from across the Arab world by the U.S. and NATO to destabilize the Syrian government and commit massacres of innocent civilians.

These massacres are then falsely blamed on Assad in the Western media to convince international public opinion that he is a monster who must be forcefully removed from power to make Syria free, stable, and safe.

The decades-long alliance between Washington and Jihadist terrorists and Al-Qaeda cells is almost too crazy to be true, but denying it is just stupid in the face of so much evidence that proves this unholy alliance is real. From time to time, Washington admits that there is a special relationship but minimizes its political significance. But it is a huge scandal because it shows the shamelessness and emptiness of Washington's war on terrorism.

As the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, the U.S. government should be the last government in the world to wage a war on international terrorism. Satan has more of a claim to fight fire than Washington has to fight terror. Washington's war on terror is a big joke. It would be like Islam waging a war on Jihad. That is how nonsensical it is.

If Washington really wanted to win the war on terror, it would have to bomb itself and Israel. It could happen, since the globalists want to destroy America's symbol of power, but the war on terror won't end even if Washington is sunk. The war on terror is intended to continue until most of us are dead.

II. The NATO Winter In Syria 

American journalist Rick Rozoff wrote on June 18th in his article, "U.S. Implementing Afghanistan And Kosovo Models For Syria":
"The pattern of Washington working in unison with multinational, cross-border armed extremists - with, if the word has any meaning, terrorists - has now been revealed as a global phenomenon."
In Syria, Washington and Islamic terrorists are working hand-in-glove, as they did in Afghanistan and Libya. Night after night they are busy slaughtering Syrians. After their dirty work is done, the Western media gets to work by falsely accusing the Syrian government that it is responsible for NATO's brutal murders in order to lay the groundwork for regime change in the global public psyche and legitimatize a U.S./NATO intervention. Rozoff says:
"The implementation of a no-fly zone over parts or the entirety of Syria by the U.S. and its NATO allies and Gulf partners would have to occur without a United Nations mandate, as any effort to authorize it in the Security Council would be blocked by Russia and China. Hence the reference to the 1999 Kosovo precedent."
Even a child can see that the NATO-backed "rebels" in Syria are not interested in fighting for freedom and democracy. What we are witnessing in Syria is the second leg of the CIA's Arab Spring tour. Similar to the concert in Libya, the CIA is writing the soundtrack, the Western media is playing the instrumentals, deceitful human rights organizations are providing the lights, and the terrorists are singing the tunes. All Obama has to do is stay in the background and repeat the words.

"Down with the Dictator," is the CIA's most popular Arab song at the moment. The CIA's Syria song catalogue includes such hits as, "Assad, the Butcher," "We Are The World, We Are The Children," "Losing My Regime," "Deception Song," "Somebody To Hate," "Will Get Fooled Again," "Sympathy for the CIA," "All Along Assad's Tower," "Give Syrians Shelter," and "Hotel Bilderberg."

Washington's dance and song routine in Syria is far from new. It is a remix of its Libya and Iraq albums, which became instant international best sellers. But the CIA's Syrian record has so far been a bust. The number of dupes willing to listen to the played out songs are down this time around.

Plus, the mainstream media is losing its magic touch and its hypnotic grip on the Western public. Reality cannot be manipulated in the new media environment. It is a whole new ball game, and the media isn't the umpire like it was before. The media isn't even on the field of reality. It is way up in the stands of illusion and fantasy, throwing propaganda garbage on the field. The media's team, the team of evil and deception, is losing against the team of virtue and truth.

III. A State of Insanity: Washington Is Taking The World Into An Era of Madness And Mass Death

I can't believe how insane Washington has become. The NATO winter in Syria is causing the deaths of thousands of innocent Syrians. The conflict could easily turn into a global catastrophe. A chaotic and unstable Middle East is unwanted by every rational and respectable geopolitical analyst.

It couldn't be more obvious that Washington is triggering World War III in Syria and setting the stage for a USraeli attack on Iran. A lot of people believe WWIII has already begun. The false flag 9/11 events were the opening shots, fired by the insane leaders of America and Israel.

Libya was shallow waters. But Syria is different. Washington is jumping into the deep end of the Middle East pool and it will drown. U.S. and Israeli nuclear bombs will not serve as life jackets. America and Israel will destroy themselves by continuing to wage wars of aggression based on lies.

If Syria goes down, the U.S. and Israel will turn their evil eye towards Iran. And then all hell will explode in the Middle East.

Washington's body blows to Syria is a set up for a first-round knockout against Iran. But that won't happen. Expect a slugfest.

Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, two former senior officials in the National Security Council, write in their article, "Deep-Sixing the China Option: How the Obama Administration Is Stalling Its Way to War with Iran":
"Since shortly after unrest broke out in Syria, the Obama team has been calling for President Bashar al-Assad’s ouster, expressing outrage over what they routinely describe as the deaths of thousands of innocent people at the hands of Syrian security forces. But, for more than a year, they have been focused on another aspect of the Syrian situation, calculating that Assad’s fall or removal would be a sharp blow to Tehran’s regional position — and might even spark the Islamic Republic’s demise. That’s the real impetus behind Washington’s decision to provide “non-lethal” support to Syrian rebels attacking government forces, while refusing to back proposals for mediating the country’s internal conflicts which might save lives, but do not stipulate Assad’s departure upfront."
If America and Israel ever enter the ring of death with Iran, it won't be pretty for either side. Back in 2003, Washington's wimps said that real men go to Tehran to prove their manhood. So far, U.S. and Israeli two-faced leaders have revealed themselves to be nothing but shameless bullies and cowards who think it is brave to roll around in the mess that they've created. They are children, not men.

We'll see how wise Washington's course of action against Iran really is when Iran fights back. Assassinating nuclear scientists, using computer viruses, and making up propaganda stories to accuse innocent nations of wrongdoing is what cowards do.

The people of the Middle East have nothing to fear from the delusional war criminals in Washington and Tel Aviv who use terrorism and propaganda to manipulate the world. The day will come when Syria, Iran, and the entire Middle East will be free of U.S. and Israeli terrorism and aggression. The NATO winter will pass.

June 19, 2012

Giving Americans And Muslims Reasons To Fight: 9/11, Al-Qaeda, Drones, And Counterinsurgency

 Why War? The reasons are endless. 

Giving Americans And Muslims Reasons To Fight: 
9/11, Al-Qaeda, Drones, And Counterinsurgency
"Americans (especially media figures) have been so inculcated with a childish morality narrative which is pleasing and self-affirming to believe — The Terrorists attack us because they are bad and we are good — that it’s just inconceivable that it is actually the U.S. itself which is enabling these plots and has long been galvanizing the very anti-American animus that fuels them." - Glenn Greenwald, "Al Qaeda’s best friend," Salon, June 14, 2012.

"Fortunately, caring about international opinion — like so many other things — is so very 2004, especially in Democratic Party circles (notwithstanding the fact that, as that Rumsfeld-era report documented, anti-American animus arising from American aggression is the greatest security threat and the prime source of Terrorism). Who cares if virtually the entire world views Obama’s drone attacks as unjustified and wrong? Who cares if the Muslim world continues to seethe with anti-American animus as a result of this aggression? Empires do what they want. Despite all this, these polling data will undoubtedly prompt that age-old American question: why do they hate us?" - Glenn Greenwald, "U.S. drones deeply unpopular around the world," Salon, June 13, 2012.

"It isn’t those of us who oppose American aggression in the Muslim world who need manipulative, exploitative reminders about 9/11; it’s those who cheer for these policies who are making a follow-up attack ever more likely." - Glenn Greenwald, "What might cause another 9/11?" Salon, June 12, 2012.
There is a common link between the false flag 9/11 events, using drones against innocent civilians in Muslim countries, applying the doctrine of counterinsurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan, and drumming up fear of the mythical Al-Qaeda organization. The link is clear: 9/11, Al-Qaeda, drones, and counterinsurgency all give Americans and Muslims reasons to fight each other.

The Globalists and Zionists who control the U.S. government want America to be absolutely hated by the Muslim world. If not for this motive, the war on terror would be meaningless and U.S. foreign policy would be totally counter-productive and absurd. But if you understand the real goals and motives, U.S. policy towards the Middle East is neither counter-productive nor absurd.

A lot of people are wondering, why is America hurting itself by pissing off every Muslim country? Why is it killing women and children with drones? Why is it accusing every young Muslim male of being a terrorist and driving them into the hands of Islamic extremists? Why is it alienating the Muslim world if the supposed aim of the war on terror is to destroy the roots of terrorism and make the people of Islam love America instead of hate it? And why is America waging war against Iran when its interests, reputation, and security would be better served if it normalized relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran?

The answer is simple: American leaders want to fight a war against Islam, and they could care less about the economic, military, and political consequences to the United States of America. U.S. and Israeli elites do not seek love, friendship, respect, and peace in the Middle East. World War III is what they want.

The point of the war on terror is to bankrupt the United States government, as this would empower the international banksters even more. 

II. Washington's Covert Creation of Militant Islamist Regimes

Washington's stubborn and hubristic policies are incurring the wrath of of Iran and Pakistan, two of the most populous Muslim countries. In the past year, the Obama administration has painted Pakistan as a terrorist state that harbored Osama Bin Laden, but so far it has not provided any evidence whatsoever that Bin Laden was actually in a Pakistani military compound in Abbottabad.

Washington's fairytale-ending of the Bin Laden legend was written so as to turn Pakistan into the next villain in the war on terror, but nobody besides brainwashed children believe there is any truth to this insane plot twist.

Destabilizing Pakistan and transforming it into an anti-American and militant Islamist country is the main goal of U.S. policy. America's globalist leaders practiced the same policy against Iran in the late 1970s. After using psychological warfare against Iran to bring down the nationalist Shah, who was becoming less controllable from Washington's perspective, the U.S. backed Islamic fundamentalists to hijack Iran and impose an Islamist dictatorship on the Iranian people.

The Luciferian rulers of America and Iran are enemies only in the public imagination. Behind the scenes, they are following a covert and esoteric agenda.

The big secret that the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes to hide from the world is its CIA and MI6 origins. There is so much evidence of the secret connection between fundamentalist Islamists and Western intelligence agencies that is being covered up by the world media.

The Islamic Republic of Iran was created to be destroyed in a third world war. But that doesn't mean that it will go down without a fight or that America has nothing to fear from Iran if it attacks it. But since U.S., Iranian, and Israeli elites don't have any fear of catastrophic destruction and massive loss of life, they don't care how hellish the war gets. The occult obsessed leaders of America, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Israel want all three nations to mutually destroy each other.

The outcome of World War III is that every nation involved will lose. America and Israel have nukes, but Iran has major public support on its side, so neither side has a competitive advantage over the other. But it is still a war between a superpower against an underdog.

A hated superpower is even more dangerous and deadly since it has nothing to lose. So it is expected and welcomed that public opinion against America in the Muslim world will get even lower once America and Israel bomb Iran. Hate is great according to Washington and Tel Aviv. Alienating Islam from America and the West is their objective.

Giving people in America and the Muslim world reasons to hate and fight each other is the military-industrial complex's main task. The roles of the CIA and FBI as secret police forces inside the United States can only be justified in the American psyche if there is a widespread public belief that America is under attack from external enemies. The false flag 9/11 events were crucial in instilling this collective belief in the American people.

Whenever there is any criticism of U.S. foreign policy, 9/11 is brought up. This tactic is part of a larger psychological warfare campaign against the American people and the people of the West. It is a fact of life that America, the West, and much of the world has been systematically brainwashed by the CIA, Mossad, MI6, and Western media into believing that the official version of the 9/11 events is true.

Washington will continue to use media brainwashing and state terrorism well into the future because the U.S. establishment want Americans to remain slave-like and fearful. A second 9/11 hasn't happened yet, thankfully, but don't think for a minute that the CIA and Mossad have given up on false flag terrorism. It is their ace in the hole. Without it, they are powerless.

The next 9/11 will be a nuclear 9/11, and the CIA and Mossad will be behind it. A former U.S. official has even suggested that the Obama presidency can be saved with a new 9/11. This is certainly true, since the war-hungry right and Obama's brainwashed followers will both be on the same page in the aftermath of another catastrophic terrorist event in the United States.

The day after a second 9/11, the anti-dissent talking points will be brought out again and used daily by the press and their brainwashed slaves. Those talking points are: Shut up, traitor! Shut up, terrorist sympathizer! Shut up, conspiracy theorist! Shut up, nutcase!

What must be our response in the face of state terror and new attacks on the freedom of thought and speech? We must answer the state terrorists, media propagandists, and their brainwashed victims with reason, patience, truth, understanding, peace, and love. Also, a little anger wouldn't hurt. Snapping people out of a state-induced sleep takes some screaming.