June 29, 2012

A Giant Fiction: USrael's War on Terror Has Proven To Be Fake In Syria

 The Pentagon loves Jihadist terrorism in Syria.
"Ironic indeed, that the US in particular is backing entirely terrorist forces that thousands of Americans have shed their blood allegedly fighting in the "War on Terror." It appears that Al Qaeda, admittedly a creation of the CIA in the 1980's to draw in and fight Soviets in Afghanistan, is still patronized by the West and used as both a convenient casus belli as well as a terrorist proxy force against enemies of Western foreign policy." - Tony Cartalucci, "NATO Member Turkey Harboring Terrorist Army."
U.S. support for Islamist terrorists in Syria will backfire against the U.S. and its biggest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

"The US policy of arming and supporting the Syrian rebel militias could be catastrophic," writes John Glaser in his article, "Israel Fears Rise of US-Supported Jihadists in Syria."

The Pentagon's love of Jihad is an indisputable fact. Anwar al-Awlaki, the CIA's #2 man at Al-Qaeda, was even invited to the Pentagon for dinner on one occasion. Also, it is well known that Osama Bin Laden was cared for in the later stages of his kidney illness by the CIA's own doctors. He was given five-star treatment.

How can this be? How can the CIA and NATO arm Jihadist terrorists? How can the CIA create and protect its own enemies like Osama Bin Laden? How can the Pentagon love Jihad and hate America? It's simple. The Pentagon is controlled by corporate globalists who play off countries against each other, including America. Supporting the growth of Islamic Jihad and getting Americans and Muslims to fight each other is not an American policy, but a fascist-bankster policy.

America's interests are harmed by the CIA's pro-Jihad policy, and the CIA likes it that way. America ceased to be when President John F. Kennedy was killed by the CIA in 1963, so the CIA's destruction of America is nothing new.

The CIA's evil policy also benefits Israel because its entire reasoning in its perpetual war against the Palestinians is built on the argument that Palestine and the Islamic world is full of Jihadists who don't want to make peace with Israel or the West.

If you tell the CIA and Israel that they're hiring and arming all the Jihadist terrorists in town and using them to destabilize countries they just stare at you like you're crazy because it is an uncomfortable truth.

This truth is so important to tell because it sounds the death knell to the credibility of the war criminals in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. It proves that the terrorism threat is a giant fiction. The Pentagon's active support for Jihadist terrorists throughout the Middle East allows the transnational war machine and corporate war profiteers to stay in business indefinitely.

My article, "What 9/11 Told Us: "A Civilization Based On Terror" Is At War With Itself," begins with a revealing quote by the American philosopher William Irwin Thompson, who said:
"We won't keep our defense industries alive unless we are in the state of terror. We don't believe in any other informational system except a state of terror, and we wonder then why we have a civilization based on terror." 
The arrogant madmen who did the false flag 9/11 events have nothing to offer to the world except terror and tragedy. They have reduced America and Israel from rich countries to failed terrorist states. And they have exported their government model to Libya, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Their goal is to set up failed terrorist states throughout the Middle East so they can keep the region poor and backward, while continuing to justify the illegal war on terror in the eyes of the Western public.

Geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci says that post-Gaddafi Libya is, "a safe haven for terrorism." He writes:
In fact the only success story that can be told coming out of Libya, is its emergence as a military logistical hub serving similar NATO destabilizations across Northern Africa and across the Middle East. With an entire nation serving as a safe haven for terrorism, a nearly endless supply of weapons and fighters can be propagated to multiple theaters of conflict. Ironically enough, eastern Libya (Benghazi, the epicenter of 2011's destabilization) had served as a terrorist recruiting center for fueling sectarian violence in Iraq that effectively neutralized a joint Sunni-Shi'ia insurrection against Western occupation." 
NATO's model for Libya is being copied in Syria, where NATO-backed Islamic extremists are targeting Christians and other minorities. Once they ruin the country, President Barack Obama is going to make a big speech along the lines of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech in 2003 after the U.S. destroyed Iraq.

But there is no guarantee that Assad is going to step down anytime soon. He says Syria is in a "state of war," and the Syrian people are dead set against a Western intervention in their country.

II. Turkey Joins The Western War of Aggression Against Syria

Despite the Syrian people's resistance to foreign aggression, the USraeli and Saudi Arabian war criminals have not given up on their quest for regime change in Damascus. They have instructed Turkey to attack Syria through the back door. So far, Turkey is fulfilling their criminal plan. It invaded Syrian airspace and then pretended to be the victim when Syria defended its territory.

Turkey's leadership has used the incident to bolster its military presence on the Syrian border and .

Historian Webster Tarpley says Turkey's plan to create a "buffer zone" in northern Syria will embolden the NATO-backed terrorists, and reduce Turkey's strategic position and national prestige.

Turkey is in effect committing national suicide by spreading chaos and terrorism to Syria. The dust that Turkey is throwing at Syria will be brought back to its own land because the winds of change are also blowing inside its borders. 

Tarpley said the following about Turkey in an interview with Press TV on June 27:
"I would like to point out if Erdogan wants to be the new regional hegemon, he is doing it in the wrong way because he is not looking like a powerful leader, he is looking like a puppet of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and this is a rather pathetic thing.

They are goating him towards a war in which they will not be involved but he will be. He’ll be left holding the bag and they will continue to send money and troops. I think the most dangerous thing that Erdogan has done in his speech depending on how it was translated he seems to say: if Syria approaches the Turkish border with military forces then the Turkish forces will respond with gunfire and so forth.

Now what does that mean? It sounds like he is thinking in terms of a buffer zone or humanitarian corridor or something like this. That is a recipe obviously for a wider conflict."
In the weeks and months ahead, NATO will turn Syria into an even bigger hell. Its campaign of terror against Syrian civilians will intensify. And the Jihadist terrorists who are allies with USrael, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey couldn't be happier. They know the Pentagon loves them like a parent loves a child.

III. A Giant Fiction

The USraeli war on terror is based on a giant fiction. The history of the last eleven years is all lies.

The history books will say that America fathered Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad. And that the CIA-MI6-Mossad-Jihadist terrorists are one big happy family.