December 18, 2012

Video: FSA Scum Kidnap Richard Engel & Other Journalists

Update: The journalists have been released.

FSA terrorists posing as a pro-government Shiite militia kidnap NBC correspondent Richard Engel and other journalists. For more on this story, read the Angry Arab's post, "On the captors of Richard Engel: the plot thickens." He writes:
I looked at the video and it is so clearly a set up and the slogans are so clearly fake and they intend to show that they were clearly Shi`ites and that they are savages.  If this one is believable, I am posing as a dentist.

PPPS Of course, I am not saying that Engel was on this plot.  I think that they were really kidnapped but that the kidnappers of the Free Syrian Army typically lied to them about their identity, which has happened before.