December 18, 2012

Syrian "Rebels" Are Retards, Mentally Defective Deviants

40 Syrian "rebels" accidentally blew themselves up in a car bombing gone horribly wrong. It's more than okay to laugh.

What are these "rebels" rebelling against, exactly? Intelligence?

LOL @ the fact that the CIA is depending on these half-baked idiots to topple Assad. Good luck.

Maybe they should pick and train guys who can tie their own shoelaces. Just a suggestion. Drugged out retards do not make the best fighters.

Then again, the CIA knows exactly what kind of guys it wants to create chaos in Syria: clueless terrorists, not serious and mentally capable fighters.

An excerpt from the article, "Report: 40 Rebels Killed in Failed Aleppo Car Bombing":
Car bombings causing massive casualties are common enough in the ongoing Syrian Civil War. Today’s incident in Aleppo’s Bustan al-Qaser neighborhood, however, is something entirely different.

That’s because this time, at least according to reports, the unnamed rebel faction rigging the car with explosives accidentally detonated it before it was set up, killing an estimated 40 fighters loyal to the faction.

Rebels have been claiming major gains in Aleppo in recent days and are predicting they will soon take over the city. They have been predicting imminent victory for months, however.