December 7, 2012

Report: Foreign Jihadis Infiltrate Syria and Fight in an Islamist-Infested Syrian "Revolution"

In the video below, a leader of one of the Jihadist terrorist groups in Syria says the Taliban "is an example to follow." Yikes. He also said this about Osama Bin Laden: "God bless his soul."

The CIA is financing these Jihadist terrorists who praise Bin Laden and hold up the Taliban as a model of good governance. This makes sense because the CIA created Bin Laden and the Taliban, with Pakistan's ISI.

The groups that the governments of the United States, England, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are supporting in Syria do not want freedom and democracy. They want to create another Taliban state in Syria. And the corrupt international banksters and global arms dealers who control the West are helping them to fulfill their desires, at whatever the price.

The establishment media is blacking out this critical information. The two-year long campaign of NATO-Jihadist terrorism against Syria has been sold to the Western public as a noble struggle against an evil dictator. But that is clearly a big lie.

Source: Eretz Zen.