December 6, 2012

Aangirfan - Fidel Castro of The CIA

"Fidel Castro of The CIA" by Aangirfan is a very important article. It states, "Cuba had its 'revolution', but it was the CIA that put Castro into power."

With a wide collection of news articles and historical evidence, the article shows the ubiquitous influence of the CIA and its various assets around the world, both in government and media. Their power to deceive and hoodwink the global public is nearly limitless. The CIA should be called the Counter-Intuitive Agency.

II. Reason for the CIA's covert support of Castro and his "Communist revolution" in Cuba:

Installing a communist regime in Cuba played into the Cold War narrative that Communism is a global menace and that the Soviet Union poses an existential threat to the United States.

The globalist hijacked U.S government was able to sell the lie to its nationalistic and patriotic people that, "Hey, look, the Communists are in our backyard, which means the war against Communism is a real war, not just a theory. We must always be on guard. We must be vigilant. We must commit ourselves to this war and vanquish this evil enemy."

Castro was happy to play along and pose as an anti-capitalist and anti-American revolutionary leader because he desires power, wealth, and status. Any man who stays in political power for over half a century is obviously very sick in the head and has a narcissistic personality.

III. Power Is Poisonous 

Those who are drawn to political power are never to be trusted. Healthy people resist the urge to rule over people and manage their affairs. Political power eats away at the soul. Only a certain type of individuals wish to wield power, and their internal constitution is not good.

Look at the history of kings and royalty. Most monarchs are mentally diseased. Members of royal families kill their own to become the top dog in the dynasty. There were successful dynasties in Iranian history that collapsed because of internal jealousies, conspiracies, treachery, and murders.

I'm not saying there aren't good revolutionaries and kings in history, but they are the exception. Usually the founder of a dynasty is good and he is a just King, but his descendants are bad.