November 13, 2012

The Bright Side of The Petraeus Sex Scandal: At Least He's Not A Pedophile

"This culture is so sick, so hypocritical, and so enmeshed in the worst and most outlandish of lies, that it all but renders itself immune to criticism, let alone correction. This culture, this country approaches a state of psychosis, a state so profoundly disconnected from reality at any and every point, that it is almost entirely futile to attempt to address its numerous, ungraspably awful failings. (It occurs to me that I should add, in what I consider the all but impossible event that this should be the case, that if the affair is the actual reason for Petraeus's resignation, then the administration, the military, and by extension the country, are irrevocably and genuinely insane. In which case, I would advise you to get the hell out as quickly as you can.)

All we can do now is protect ourselves in every way possible, and walk away to the extent we can. Just walk away. Disconnect. Go underground. Live your lives apart from the primary arteries of this culture, for all they carry is disease and death." - Arthur Silber, "God Damn You, America, You Stupid, Sickening Nation."
Two words: Benghazi and Accountability. The Petraeus sex scandal is a distraction from the real controversy in this drama.

The French have it right: it is not the public's business to care about silly sex affairs involving political and government leaders. In France, the media is not allowed to report about the private sex lives of powerful politicians and officials, which is a very good and civilized rule. An excerpt from the article, "The French View of the Petraeus Sex Scandal":
The French media is prohibited by law from publishing personal or private details about a public figure without the public figure's permission. Even when sex merges with a scandal that happens to be in the public interest, French jurisprudence mandates that anything belonging to the private realm must be carefully parsed out of all media coverage.
I usually stay away from this kind of news because it really is a circus, but in this case it is worth talking about because it reveals a lot about the power of the creepy super-surveillance state that knows no boundaries. Even a CIA director isn't safe from the eye of power. Imagine that. We're all under the microscope.

I'm actually very relieved that not all people in power are pedophiles who have five-year old boys chained in their basement. It is nice to hear about normal leaders in government having normal sex for once. I was beginning to think that only pedophiles are allowed to rise to the top in politics, government, business, and media. The sex scandals in England are proof that a weird pedophile elite culture is causing the moral destruction of the Western world. We definitely live in an insane civilization. Read David Icke's research into this area.

Instead of stepping down for a silly affair, General Petraeus should've received another star just for the heck of it. Roman generals didn't have to put up with this bullshit. Military leaders have stressful lives, they should have at least one mistress at the bare minimum. But the military doesn't want freewheeling sex because a sexually repressed soldier is good for battle. The military culture is madness institutionalized. In the military, having an affair is the worst thing in the world but killing innocent kids in foreign countries can be rationalized. This is evidence of a sick mentality.

The problem here is misplaced outrage and misguided morality. Here are the guilty parties: a crazy mass media, a powerful state with futuristic surveillance technology, and a stupid culture that cares more about sexual scandals than false flag terrorism.

Psychologist Wilhelm Reich wrote about the virtues of a healthy sex life. I don't know why American political leaders and others in government just don't stand up and tell the media and public, "It's none of your business," when they get harassed in the media about their private lives.

Gen. Petraeus has to burn his career for being a normal guy? He spend 40 years climbing the ladder of power, having reached the pinnacle of his career, and at the moment when he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labour he has to step down because of a stupid military sexual moral code? Obviously this scandal is bigger than the affair. The timing is very suspicious. No one has yet answered for the security breach in Benghazi.

Anyways, that's all I have to say about this nonsense. I'm just glad General Petraeus is not a pedophile.