November 2, 2012

Syrian Kurds Become New Victims of Washington's War on Syria

"Insurgents are Washington proxies. Key NATO partners, rogue Arab League states, and Israel are very much involved.

The same dirty game repeats. Independent states are targeted for regime change. All options are used. They include full-scale war, mass killing, and turning nations into charnel houses on the pretext of liberating them." - Stephen Lendman, "Nothing Civil about Washington’s War on Syria. US-NATO Violate International Humanitarian Law," July 17, 2012.
Last week, the US-backed Islamist terrorists in Syria, aka the FSA, attacked a Kurdish neighbourhood in Aleppo, and fired on demonstrators because they were resisting their unwanted presence. The invading terrorists demanded obedience from the Kurds, but what they got instead was fierce resistance.

Bill Van Auken wrote about the battle that followed the FSA's attack on Kurdish civilians in his article, "Fighting erupts between Western-backed “rebels” and Syrian Kurds":
The fighting began on Friday after several hundred armed opponents of the Syrian government, dressed in black and wearing black bandanas inscribed with Islamist slogans, moved into the predominantly Kurdish neighborhood of Ashrafiya.

The incursion triggered a demonstration by Kurdish residents of the district, who marched on the positions taken by the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA), demanding that its fighters leave the neighborhood. According to reports, the FSA fighters fired on the demonstrators, killing five and wounding 10 more.

The fighting that followed claimed at least 30 lives, including those of 22 combatants, before the Kurds reasserted control over the district. According to the reports, five Kurdish fighters died in the clashes, with the rest of the fatalities consisting of the Islamist insurgents and civilians.
The Kurdish fighters who drove out the foreign Jihadist terrorists in the FSA belong to the, "Popular Protection Unit (YPG), a Kurdish militia set up to protect the Kurdish areas from opposing forces," writes Danny Gold in his article, "Meet the YPG, the Kurdish Militia That Doesn't Want Help from Anyone." Here is a longer excerpt:
The Kurds, for the most part, have tried to prevent the catastrophic violence of the civil war from entering their region. In Kurdish cities in the northeast, demonstrations against the regime have been ongoing, and Assad forces pulled back with minimal conflict a few months ago, leaving the Kurds with some sense of independence. Some have accused the Kurds of making a deal with the regime, but it appears that both groups are simply acting practically. Assad does not wish to open up a new front, and the Kurds simply want to protect their cities and their people. Though some media outlets have reported that there is an official truce between some Kurds and the regime, there is no evidence of this being true.

Kurds make up around 10 percent of the population in Syria, totaling about 2 million, but have been treated as second-class citizens for generations. Kurdish rights activists have been subjected to imprisonment, torture, and assassinations. In 2004, the Kurds in the city of Qamishlo revolted against the Assad regime, but the rebellion was quickly crushed and more than 30 Kurds were killed.
Members of the YPG do not come from Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, and they are not pushing an extremist agenda, so they have popular legitimacy in the Kurdish communities. They say they have no support from outside powers. They are mostly young, self-reliant Kurds who are fighting for their rights, their dignity, and their land. There are also women within their ranks. Here is a video of them.

A spokesperson for the YPG told Gold that the group is a purely defensive force. Gold says: "One point Hassan stressed over and over was that the YPG is a defensive force. The militia is meant as a deterrent to the FSA, Jihadi groups, and the regime, and they will only attack if provoked, he told me."

By supporting Al-Qaeda terrorists against the Kurds, the U.S. government has lost its narrative that the removal of Assad will lead to a democratic, free, and secular Syria.

The point has come where the war criminals in Washington have no choice but to get rid of the facade of the old propaganda and arm the Islamist terrorists unashamedly as a part of a larger effort to topple the Syrian government. Tony Cartalucci wrote in his article, "US to Focus Exclusively on Arming Al Qaeda in Syria":
It is clear that both the West's political proxies, and its armed militant proxies have been compromised and the narrative that tentatively worked against Libya, is now unraveling and failing against Syria.
Independent Kurdish groups like the YPG do not want Kurds to be victims of Washington's reign of Islamist terror. They are fighting the FSA not only because they are supported by the oppressive Turkish and Saudi Arabian governments, but also because of their sectarian, anti-women rights, anti-democracy, and anti-secularism views.

There is a big chance that the war between U.S.-backed Jihadist groups and Kurdish fighters will escalate in the coming months. The U.S. may get directly involved. The writer "b" from Moon of Alabama predicts, "The U.S. government seems to renew its attempt to overthrow the Syrian government by force. This will, as I wrote, likely intensify as soon as the election in the U.S. is over."

In the battle for Syria, the U.S. government and other Western governments have taken the side of Islamic extremists who champion Bin Laden, honour Saddam Hussein as a martyr, and wish to massacre Syria's minorities such as Alawites, Christians, and Kurds.

The forces of morality, reason, truth, and justice are not on Washington's side. U.S. leaders are making one tragic mistake after another. History will not remember them kindly.