November 18, 2012

Obaaama A Conqueror? LOL - U.S. Media Is Nuts

Cover of Newsweek depicts Obaaama as a 21st century Napoleon.

I wouldn't mind being conquered by a military and political genius like Napoleon. I'll even sign up and fight in his glorious army. 

Obaaama is no Napoleon. Has Obaaama ever fought in a war? No. Has he conquered lands? No. He is a cowardly puppet who can't even make good speeches and inspire people to their feet.

Obaaama is a deceiver and a traitor to his country like Bush and Clinton before him. No one should submit their souls to Obaaama and the sickening puppet-masters who financed his campaign.

This magazine cover shows how nuts the U.S. media has become. Newsweek and every other mainstream outlet is run by loons.