November 17, 2012

Morsi & Erdogan: The Traveling Clowns Take Their Rodeo To Gaza

Egypt's Morsi came to power via a CIA engineered Arab Spring. He is not a revolutionary but an Islamist pimp who follows USraeli orders when it comes to Syria, IMF loans, etc. A classic puppet.

Turkey's Erdogan is a NATO puppet who is sponsoring clueless Jihadi terrorists to topple the Syrian government. Syria has risked its life and wealth to aid and defend Palestine. Erdogan is all talk.

Geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci tweets: "#Egypt #Turkey working in lockstep w/ US #Israel & #KSA against #Syria, now suddenly "concerned" over #Gaza? Not likely. Charade. #Palestine."

Morsi and Erdogan are clowns, not revolutionaries.