November 18, 2012

From Hiroshima To Gaza: The Demon of History And The Divinity of "The Others"

"No, the demons are not banished; that is a difficult task that still lies ahead. Now that the angel of history has abandoned the Germans, the demons will seek a new victim. And that won't be difficult. Every man who loses his shadow, every nation that falls into self-righteousness, is their prey.... We should not forget that exactly the same fatal tendency to collectivization is present in the victorious nations as in the Germans, that they can just as suddenly become a victim of the demonic powers." - Carl Jung: The Postwar Psychic Problems of the Germans (1945).
There are war crimes and there are spiritual crimes. The latter precede the former.

George W. Bush was responsible for the biggest spiritual crime when he divided the world into "us" and "them." He separated humans from each other and denied the divinity of "the others."

The divinity of Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Palestinians, etc., has been denied by both the Bush and Obama administrations.

A massive media campaign dedicated to dehumanizing the people of the Middle East is the biggest reason why the war on terror has gone on for as long as it has. The first step in any war is demonize the other side.

Israeli leaders are committing the same spiritual crime. They are killing the people in Gaza like animals, and denying their divinity. A son of a former Israeli prime minister said Gaza should get the Hiroshima treatment. Israeli voices are getting dangerously close to publicly advocating genocide. This is the fate that USrael wants to inflict on Palestinians, and the people of the Muslim world.

Arabs, leftists, African immigrants, and everybody else who represent "the others" in Israel are treated as scapegoats and provide a useful distraction to the catastrophic policies of the Israeli government.

In the past, the Jewish people were made scapegoats by unjust governments. But now they are doing the scapegoating.  

The Israeli government is guilty of everything that it says the other side is doing: 1) not recognizing the right of Palestinians to exist, and their right to self-government, 2) using terrorism to achieve their political ends, and 3) initiating aggression and breaking ceasefires. The chutzpah of the Israeli leadership is beyond anything seen in history. It is out of this world.

Israeli leaders are the biggest accusers and liars. They accuse Iran of wanting to wipe Israel off the map, which is a big lie, while it is pursuing a policy of wiping Palestine off the map. The bully is pretending to be the victim, and actually believes his own propaganda.

II. Beyond The Here And Now To The Why

We must get beyond the immediate political analysis of current events and understand why all of this is happening. The people of Israel have been systematically brainwashed by their government and media. They have been brought up by their society, media, and government to be hardcore nationalists, racists, and xenophobes.

To the brainwashed supporters of the current Israeli government, the Palestinians and Arabs in general are a "cancer." They are not an enemy to be fought but a disease to be eradicated from the face of the earth. This is very dangerous thinking, because it leads to genocidal policies. It is sad to see that the Israeli people are going along with this vicious program.

Many Israelis have escaped this lethal brainwashing and courageously use their intellects to awaken their fellow countrymen, friends, and relatives. They are setting proud examples for the human race. The biggest critics of the Israeli government are Jews, and this is a testament to how valuable Jewish culture and tradition is to the progress of the world and of humanity.

The Israeli people have been brainwashed and consequently they are innocent. Their government's crimes are not their crimes. They are not themselves when they preach hate and demand the mass extermination of Palestinians. They are victims of a mad and cruel King.

The demon of history that psychologist Carl Jung talked about has seized the Israeli nation and population. The demons also seized America, but in a less successful way thanks to the efforts of heroic individuals like Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, Webster Tarpley, Kevin Barrett, David Icke, and other 9/11 truth-tellers. Dr. Ron Paul has done the most amongst politicians to combat the demon of history and help America take a peaceful course in the world.

But the demon of history will not go away quietly.