November 25, 2012

Egyptian Judges: Morsi Must Withdraw His Declaration

After orchestrating a ceasefire in Gaza with the Obama administration, Morsi thought he could use his new prestige to impose his will on the Egyptian people. But Morsi's miscalculation of his power has left a bad taste in the mouths of many Egyptians.

Egypt is descending into chaos, violence, and rebellion. Let's hope the wisdom, courage, vigilance, and intelligence of Egyptians proves to be too overwhelming for any would-be dictator.

An excerpt from an article called, "After the #Nov23 , the battle continues," on the blog "Egyptian Chronicles" [I've highlighted the most important parts]:
Since early morning Egypt has been witnessing meetings, statements , protests , strikes and rallies. After the announcement of judges in Alexandria and El Behaira that they will go in to a strike till the cancellation of the constitutional declaration , the Judges’ club held a general assembly where it announced a full strike all over Egypt till Morsi withdrew his declaration.

On the other hand there was a meeting in early morning between political parties in Al Wafd party. That meeting was attended by ElBaradei, Sabbahi, Badawy and partisan leaders.

It is worth to mention that that several parties began a sit in in Tahrir square till Morsi cancels his declaration. So far the parties and movements in Tahrir are : The constitution Party , Egyptian current Party, Kafaya Movement , El Adl Party, Free Egyptians party , Misr El Horreya Party, Popular Current , El Wafd Party, Social Democratic Party , April 6th Youth movement and Mina Daniel movement too. I believe more movements and independent protesters will join them.

Now the political parties and powers against the constitutional declaration called for a million man protest on next Tuesday in Tahrir square and other public squares against the constitutional declaration and police brutality. The parties participating in this protest are : The Egyptian Current , The constitution Party , The Popular socialist allaince party, The Social Democratic Party, The Free Egyptian Party, El Karma Party, April 6th Youth Movement “Both fronts”, Revolutionary socialists , The youth for justice and Freedom movement, The Free Egyptian movement, Kafeya Movement, The Free Front for peaceful change and the National front for justice and democracy.

The Islamist forces and parties from Salafists also called for a million man protest in Tahrir square on the same day to impose Sharia. Also on Tuesday the Muslim brotherhood will protest in solidarity with Morsi’s decision at Abdeen Palace. “Despite he works in Heliopolis last time I checked !!” This means Egyptians may kill each other on Tuesday in Tahrir square and Abdeen square !!

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