November 13, 2012

As Apocalyptic War Looms, Need For Truth Is Greater Than Ever

"I think history is going to judge American foreign policy in the Bush-Obama years harshly. And I think a big reason is that we're missing a fleeting opportunity to help build a world civilization based on widely respected laws and norms. Shortly after 9/11, with the US holding the attention and sympathy of the world, it had the opportunity to start doing this. President Bush failed--by, to pick just one of many examples, attacking Iraq without having international law on his side.

I wish I could say that President Obama has done a whole lot better than Bush. And, in Obama's defense, he did get UN Security Council authorization before intervening in Libya (leaving aside the question of whether the intervention ultimately exceeded the UN mandate). But in many ways this president is no improvement over the last one, and Exhibit A is the acceleration of a far-flung drone-strike program that is shrouded in the secrecy of the CIA. The vision implicit in this program is of an America whose great calling is to lead the world into a future of chaos and lawlessness." - Robert Wright, "The Real David Petraeus Scandal."
In an interview with Russia Today, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad warned of an apocalyptic war if the West and its regional proxies invade Syria, saying, "if it happened is going to be more than the whole world can afford." 

The leader of the US-Saudi-Turkish backed FSA said that if foreign powers do not intervene in the conflict on their behalf then they will all become terrorists. These cowards know they can't win in a fair fight so they're dropping their democratic masks and resorting to blackmailing the international community to get what they want. Do they remind you of anyone?

Terrorists by their nature are unreasonable, unprincipled, and led by the wild force of passion. Assad cannot placate a pack of beasts. How can any government sit down with a group of men who literally wage war from inside mosques while screaming "God is Great." They are mad and full of contradictions.

Syria has more of a claim to wage a war against Jihadist terrorism than the United States and the West. Syria is actually under attack from Jihadist terrorists, it didn't need to invent the threat and attack itself to gain the world's sympathy. The FSA has committed so many 9/11s. They are terrorizing Syrians around the clock. Syria has been covered in the blackness of terror for almost two years.

It is interesting that the Jihadist terrorists in Syria who declare "God Is Great," are requesting America's help. If they were honest they would declare that "Satan Is Great." Maybe they should just get out of the way in Syria and let America liberate their miserable souls. They are a total joke. What kind of revolutionaries request help from the world's biggest tyrant? It would be like believers in God turning to the devil for salvation. 

Can America afford an apocalyptic clash with Syria, and by extension, the Muslim world? The short answer is that affordability has nothing to do with it. The real question is whether or not America has the desire to fight another world war.

If a politically rejuvenated President Obama can sell austerity to the American people then Washington will be financially able to wage a few more aggressive wars. An epic war against the East will serve as a great distraction to the ongoing economic collapse in the West. War is the perfect solution. 

If World War III does come to fruition, don't blame it on Syria. Its government has said all along that it wants to negotiate with the different political opposition groups to reach a peaceful solution to the crisis. But these groups have conflicting interests, and the most extreme fighters are demanding Assad's head. They want power so bad that they'll tear apart Syria to get it. 

If this report is true then Qatar and Israel might fulfill the terrorists' hopes of seeing Assad dead. They have been religiously brainwashed to see Assad as a demon beyond saving so either they lose or he dies.

The US-instigated war against Syria is only going to intensify in the coming months. The arguments for peace and dialogue will continue to go unheard. Terrorists do not listen to reason, especially not when diabolical Western leaders have their ear and promise them a Syria without Assad.