October 20, 2012

Osama Bin Laden Was Not On Obama's Secret Kill List Or Any Other List

 Obama Got Osama, and Santa Claus Is Real. Source of photo.

Of all the terrorists that you would think would be on President Obama's secret kill list, the one terrorist that was never on it was Osama Bin Laden, who was made the scapegoat for the 9/11 tragedy.

Bin Laden wasn't on any White House kill list or terror list or FBI list. President Bush considered him unimportant, telling reporters on March 13, 2002, that, "the idea of focusing on one person indicates to me people don't understand the scope of the mission. Terror is bigger than one person. . . I just don't spend that much time on him." That's a pretty philosophical perspective. It was actually a wise and profound statement. Bush was probably on mushrooms when he said that.

A younger Bush would've said to America: "Look, dude, stop obsessing about Bin Laden, okay. Like, if you think about it deep enough, he is a nobody, dude. This universe is so much bigger than one person. We're all part of a whole, man. It's all love, dude."

In Bush's universe, Bin Laden was a speck of dust, a grain of sand on the beach of time; but in Obama's universe, Bin Laden was the centerpiece of America's counter-terrorism strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bush's universe makes more sense to me.

President Obama is proud about the fact that he violated Pakistan's sovereignty to "bring Bin Laden to justice." At the Al Smith Dinner on October 18, he once again joked about "killing" Bin Laden, saying, "Monday's debate is a little bit different because the topic is foreign policy. Spoiler alert: We've got Bin Laden."

It sounds nice: "We've got Bin Laden." It brings closure to national pain and a decade of war. Except, there is one teeny, tiny problem with Obama's narrative: Bin Laden was not in the compound in Pakistan. In fact, Bin Laden was already dead by the time Obama was elected President.

Bin Laden was taken to the sea of death by the waves of nature, not the bullets of Obama's guns.

The real story of Osama Bin Laden's death isn't Bang-Bang. It isn't glamorous. It would make a good documentary, not a big Hollywood blockbuster. Bin Laden was a phantom villain. In a film he'd the scene-stealer, not the main lead.

The Evil Empire made good use of Osama's image and the 9/11 myth. If you think about it, Bin Laden is a super hero in the wacky realm of American politics. He saved both the Bush administration and the Obama administration. He was the Messiah for the military-industrial-financial-media complex. 

For President Obama's team, the fake story about Bin Laden's assassination is a gift that keeps on giving, They're milking it for all it's worth in order to win a second term. They have nothing else to run on.

The greatest thing about this political gift from the perspective of the Democratic party is that the Republicans can't say shit about it. Obama can throw it in their faces all day, and the Republicans just have to take it.

What is Romney going to say? "Mr. President, you could not have given the order to kill Bin Laden because he was long dead before you even ran for President." That is not going to fly since Romney's top foreign policy advisers drummed up the fear of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda throughout the years of the Bush administration.

Republicans are just mad that it wasn't their guy who pulled out the Ace from the war on terror deck of cards. They've used even shadier tricks in the past to try to win a hand. Calling out Obama's bluff on Bin Laden is the last thing they'll do.

II. Shocker: Obama Did Not Kill Osama

President Obama's secret kill list is denied by congressional members like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who believe that the American people do not deserve to know what their government is doing in their name.

But the secret kill list is real. There is real blood on Obama's hands; it just isn't Bin Laden's blood.

Possessed with his secret killing powers and a Santa Claus-inspired list, Obama has killed many more teenagers than terrorists. Instead of bringing gifts he's bringing death. And he's not checking his list once, let alone twice. The only way he can balance the number of deaths between teenagers and terrorists is if he succeeds in turning teenagers into terrorists with his drone policies.

Obama's brainwashed supporters defend his criminal policies by saying he "got" Bin Laden. If only that were true. Sadly, though, Obama's story of Bin Laden's death is a national myth that neither Romney nor the mainstream media is willing to question.

A major pro-Obama/pro-Drone argument goes: if Obama can get one "Big Fish" in the lake of terror once in a while then it's all worth it. So, should the U.S. destroy the entire lake of terror that is the Middle East to get a handful of Big Fishes? Is that a wise policy? And if Obama really did get Bin Laden, it still wouldn't justify his indiscriminate murder of innocent teenagers, women, and children in Pakistan, Yemen, etc.

The pro-Obama narrative is based on falsehoods and fairy tales. Obama didn't catch the bad guy; he IS the bad guy. Obama didn't smoke the archetypal terrorist out of his mythical cave. To paraphrase him, he didn't kill that. No one did.

What Obama did do was lie to the American people and the world. He's not a Commander-in-Chief; he's a Comedian-in-Chief. He is not a killer of terrorists and gangsters, he is a teller of stories. He has created a fictional image of himself. He's like a rapper. He would fit right in on a music video shoot.

Obama's rap name? O-Z.