October 9, 2012

Madman Hitler In 1945: The Holocaust Is A Conspiracy Theory

From the archives of history: Madman Hitler dismisses Holocaust rumours as a "conspiracy theory."

[Update and Disclaimer - Thursday, October 11]:

After receiving an email from a German reader asking for the source of my Hitler quote in the article, "Madman Hitler In 1945: The Holocaust Is A Conspiracy Theory," I realized that I should have been more clear about the purpose and nature of the article. It was stupid of me to be vague when writing about sensitive matters. And nothing is more sensitive than history. The legacy of the Holocaust is still with us, mainly because the terrorist leaders of Israel and the Zionist project are cynically using the memory of that catastrophe to create sympathy for their aggressive stance against the Palestinians, Iran, and the Muslim world.

Disclaimer: The Hitler quote below is not real. It is fictional. The aim of this article is to show how totalitarian governments use terms like "conspiracy theory" to erase their crimes from the historical record and delegitimize their critics in the press. If the U.S. and Israeli governments committed a holocaust in our age they would silence the whistleblowers and truth-tellers by calling them conspiracy theorists. They have already begun doing this. 9/11 proved that U.S. and Israeli leaders are mass murderers who possess a global propaganda machine that dwarfs what the Nazi regime had.

(Berlin, April 29, 1945)-- In response to growing accusations that his regime has systematically wiped off six millions Jews in a secret military program, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler said on the radio from inside his bunker, "This is an international conspiracy theory, which cannot be proven with facts."

However, world public opinion rejects Hitler's absurd denial as the last act of a lunatic mass murderer whose days are numbered. Indeed, there is ample evidence that shows the totalitarian Nazi regime is responsible for the genocide of the Jewish people and other crimes against humanity. 

Human rights lawyers and public relations experts are gathering in New York for an educational conference to raise global public awareness about Hitler's crimes against humanity and counter the Nazi propaganda machine that has convinced millions of Germans that their government is not guilty of war crimes, genocide, and atrocities. A U.S. official connected to the conference told reporters:
"The Nazi propagandists' use of the term "conspiracy theory" to describe claims that it is responsible for the mass extermination of Jews and other innocent people is patently ridiculous. It is despicable and we cannot let them get away with erasing their crimes from the historical record. The crimes are real. The Holocaust happened. We have the facts and facts are more powerful than the magical use of words. In the conference this weekend, we will showcase the facts to the world and put the Nazi regime on trial for its record of genocide and war crimes." 
The official added that the collapse of the criminal Nazi regime is around the corner, and one symptom of its decline in power is that it is losing its totalitarian hold on the collective memory of the German nation.

The presence of German protesters, dissidents, and activists in New York for the upcoming conference is a sign that the German people are mentally ready to exit this dark chapter in their country's history and acknowledge the evil Nazi crimes.

(Washington, May 2, 2011)-- Yesterday, U.S. President Barack Obama informed the world in a speech at the White House that a secret Navy SEALs team killed Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda, the international terrorist group that supposedly killed three thousand Americans on September 11, 2001.

Immediately after Obama made his remarks, critics of the U.S. government asserted that Obama is a liar and that Osama Bin Laden died because of health reasons years ago. Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a former top official in the United States government, appeared on the Alex Jones show and informed the American people that the official announcement of the death of Bin Laden was a politically motivated act that had nothing to do with the truth.

So far, Pieczenik's comments have not been covered in the U.S. media. The view that the official story of Bin Laden's death is a big lie is still marginalized as a "conspiracy theory." But the facts show otherwise. And, as it is often said, facts are stubborn things. Even die-hard skeptics of 9/11 truth are coming around to the conclusion that reality has a conspiracy bias.

As in other totalitarian countries, the facts of the U.S. government's crimes against humanity are not taken into consideration by the state-run mainstream media. What is even more disturbing is that U.S. propagandists are using the official fable of Bin Laden's death to frame Pakistan and demonize it, thereby building international support for NATO aggression against that country in the near future.

Also, in order to further brainwash the American people and the world, Hollywood director Kathryn Bigelow cooperated with White House officials to make a movie about the mythical U.S. raid on Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan called, "Zero Dark Thirty." 

Moviegoers expecting a slice of history will instead get a steaming pile of bullshit.