October 20, 2012

KP Devlin - Not The Same


Wednesday rose with sorrow in her eyes
Peaceful, if deceitful in disguise
Living in Fellini films and dreaming of the moon
Waking to that melancholy tune

Characters in psychedelic strains
Dancing in the recess of her brain
Whirling like a dervish in devoted ecstasy
Lighting torches helping her to see

Try and put a leash around the sun
Try and win this war without a gun
All because some lunatic was calling out your name
All because it's really not the same

Acrobats in sequined tights fly by
Mannequins with painted grins and eyes
Aging prima donnas walking tired looking dogs
Straining to remember what went wrong


After the lights have been put out
The actors have filed out the door
She'll never remember the faces
She'll always be longing for more