September 5, 2012

Talking To The Invisible Chair of 9/11 Truth

"I would just like to say something, ladies and gentlemen. Something that I think is very important.  It is that, you, we -- we own this country. We -- we own it.  It is not you owning it, and not politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours. And  -- so -- they are just going to come around and beg for votes every few years.  It is the same old deal.  But I just think it is important that you realize that you're the best in the world. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or whether you're libertarian or whatever, you are the best. And we should not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go. Okay, just remember that.  And I'm speaking out for everybody out there." - Clint Eastwood, from his speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention.
The reaction to Clint Eastwood's speech at the RNC has been mainly negative. But I have a different and more positive view of the speech.

In an era of prepared and polished speeches given by emotionally pulverized politicians it is refreshing to see a man on the biggest national stage in America speak from his heart. It is a rare sight. We never get to hear honest speeches in the house of illusions that is Western politics. 

There is nothing like an honest speech from the heart, regardless of how it is delivered. People say Eastwood's rugged speech was hard to watch. Really? Why is it hard to watch a patriot give a real speech from the heart? It's much more painful to watch fake men like Obama and Romney give fake but polished speeches about absolute bullshit. Obama gives nothing but empty platitudes so an empty chair suits him perfectly. Emptiness is the essence of his heart and soul.

Eastwood reminded all Americans, no matter their party loyalties, that politicians are employees who are there to perform a public service, and who must be questioned, not worshiped. He also introduced an important concept into the collective psyche: Invisible Obama. 

On the biggest questions, issues, and controversies of the day, President Obama and the entire Western political class has been invisible. They are invisible on the issue of 9/11 truth; Indefinite detention of political dissidents; Transnational banking fraud, and so many other political scandals. They might as well not be there. They are not leaders of a grand civilization but political pimps of a dying one.

In his speech, Eastwood addressed an invisible President Obama on an empty chair. It worked well with the audience, but not with the viewers at home. It was a gutsy move, though. And if you think it is hard to carry on a make-believe conversation with an invisible Obama, it's much harder to talk to the real Obama in person. From what I've read, Obama is not "mentally there." He is not open, and that is not a good leadership quality, especially when your country is in a crisis.

In this article, I've taken Eastwood's approach of speaking to an invisible man on an empty chair and applied it to 9/11 truth. Imagine if "9/11 truth" was an invisible chair of truth in a room full of invisible lies, legends, fantasy, and falsehoods. What follows is my dialogue with this invisible chair.

II. Lifting The Cloak of Invisibility: Talking To The Invisible Chair of 9/11 Truth

Excavator: Invisible 9/11 truth, who sits on your golden throne? How can an individual who is on the stage of life and the journey of self-discovery carry on a conversation with you? And why are you rejected by the spellbound audience as unreal and invisible? Are they right? Am I speaking to a non-entity? Are the rumours of your existence just crazy rumours or are you real?

Invisible 9/11 Truth Chair [ITC]: Oh, I'm real alright. But to answer your question in more depth, it depends on who you ask in the audience. Some doubt my existence and call you crazy for pointing me out in the room. And there are some others such as enlightened sufis who consider me an empty truth on an invisible chair. They pay me no mind. They know I exist, but I mean nothing to them because they view me as an inferior form of truth. So they treat me as invisible because they have their eye on a higher truth.

Excavator: A higher truth? Interesting. So you are a lesser truth compared to other invisible, greater truths? If so, then what is your relationship to them? Do your foot stools open or block the gateway of the visible world to a richer reality? And do your foot stools open the door of death in the mind? If so, why? Why not move away from the entrance and let the door close shut in our house of reality? Even if it is a constructed reality, why ruin the intellectual infrastructure of a perfectly good house? Why let in the wind of death into the quiet rooms of the sleeping guests?

Is this house of reality not good enough for you? Does it stink with lies? But what house doesn't stink with lies on this plane of existence? And is not the sweet smell of lies better than the rotten smell of death? Why replace the sweet smell with the rotten smell? You are just a chair. You can stand the smell of death. But what about those who sit on you? They were lying on the floor of legends and lies with content and calm before they awoke and saw you in the corner of the room. You expect them to stop lying down with bliss in their hearts and sit up straight on a cold, wooden chair, frozen with terror?

ITC: I cannot speak for the souls who choose to sit on me over another chair, whether invisible or not, and whether in this or that house. They are free to come and go as they please. As for the charge that my poor little foot stools jam the doorway to the outside world and bring in the wind and smell of death into the house, all I can say is what kind of house do you want to live in? A house that is filled with illusions and stops the terror of death at the door? If a house of illusions, shadows, and moral corruption is good enough for you then be my guest.

Or do you want to live in a house that takes as its foundations all the facts of existence and life? Which house is the healthier house? The wind of death will enter your little house any way because there is no escaping this wind. You can either welcome this wind as a guest or it will knock down the foundations of your false house with the velocity that only the force of nature is capable of.

Excavator: Enough talk of death. Let's change the subject. What if newly awakened souls realize that you are only a small chair of truth with only a smattering of gold covering? What if they look into the distance and see there is a bigger chair in the house down the street? Which chair should the soul sit on? What do you advise a soul to do in this situation? 

Should those who walk on the path of self-discovery in the night sit on you at the end of their painful journey at the break of dawn? Or are you too cold and hard for their tired legs, souls, and arms? Why shouldn't they sit on a chair that is soft and has rainbow coloring? If it gives them joy and relief, then why not sit on the chair where the sun's radiant light shines upon it rather than a chair that stands in the bitter shade?

ITC: Every soul has its own preference. I am not an envious chair. I do not ask to be sat on. I represent life to one soul and death to another. Some souls choose the shadow of death in place of the sun of life for their own reasons. Some see no sun in this life but only the shadow of death. Of course, it is easy to mistake the two. For instance, in a room coloured by falsehoods and deceptions one loses sight of what's real; of what's the light and what's the shadow. But I cannot decide for the soul. It depends on its own sense of perception, intelligence, judgment, and other factors. Some souls do not like the air and quality of real chairs so they mark them as invisible, as they did with me at first.

Excavator: What do you make of the charge that you are a conspiracy chair?

ITC: That is a funny charge against me. Before I was the invisible chair. I was not to be even considered. I was not in the room. I was non-existent. But the force  of reality imposed itself, forcing the half-awake audience and its spiritual managers to at least recognize that I exist. 

It is a funny charge because I can't be both an invisible chair and a conspiracy chair. I am a visible chair of truth. Since my accusers have conceded on the point of my existence, they must take me seriously. But they don't. I'm pushed to the side of the room. They say only the fringe lunatics gather around me. But is truth fringe? Is justice fringe? Is God fringe? Is the global movement for world peace and universal brotherhood fringe? How can I be fringe when souls the world over discover me and stand by me? I am the furthest thing from a conspiracy chair and a fringe chair.

Excavator: Okay. You're not a conspiracy chair. That has been established. I want to move on. Where do you stand in the hierarchy of the invisible world of chairs? Are you the only invisible chair of truth? And what about the visible world? Is the visible electric chair on death row your cousin? Is the visible chair of torture your cellmate in the invisible prison? 

ITC: I am sorry but I cannot assist you in the journey to the invisible world of chairs or show you the way. I have said too much already. I cannot answer your questions. They are for you to discover at your own pace. It takes regular spiritual exercises to reach the level of understanding that you seem to be aiming for.

Excavator: Fair enough. I'll ask you more specific questions. Many of the people who sit on you are described as "truthers." What do you think of them? And who else sits on you? Do you expect a president of the US empire to sit on you? Is not his ass of lies too big for you? He will break you down to pieces, will he not? And what about God? Is he the pilot and are you the chair in the cockpit?

ITC: God is too big for me. And he is not a sitter. As for the "truthers," they know I exist because they can see and feel me. They cannot be persuaded that I am invisible and unreal by the managers of public thoughts and perceptions. They are not crazy because I am not the chair for the mentally handicapped.

Excavator: One final question. What did you think about Clint Eastwood's fictional encounter with an invisible Obama represented by an empty chair at the RNC?

ITC: It was a neat dramatic invention by a master director through which Obama's empty soul was revealed to the American people on a big stage.

Excavator: Okay. Thank you for your time.