September 12, 2012

Libyan Embassy Attack - Barack Obama Statement [Wall Street Journal]

 Source: AFP.

What goes around comes around. Arming and empowering young, hot-headed Islamic extremists to overthrow Gaddafi wasn't such a bright idea after all. Gaddafi is looking on and saying, "America, you did this to yourself."

US-Backed Terrorists Murder US' Own Ambassador in Libya.

US Ambassador Killed At Embassy By Terrorists He Helped Put In Power.

Moon of Alabama - "U.S. Ambo in Benghazi Killed In AQ Operation." An excerpt:
"The U.S. was also working with Gaddhafi in Libya to keep Jihadis like al-Libi down. But in 2011 the U.S. suddenly changed course and Chris Stevens and others worked in lockstep with al-Libi and Salafi forces in Libya to overthrow Gaddhafi. Now, as these forces are out of control, the powers the U.S. unleashed in Libya are coming back to haunt it. Those lovable rebels that heroically dragged Gaddhafis body through the streets of Libya's are now "thugs" for doing the same to the U.S. ambassador. This is obviously a self inflicted wound."
Paul Joseph Watson - Was U.S. Ambassador Lynched? An excerpt:
"Indeed, it’s a horrific irony that Hillary Clinton’s infamous gloating about Gaddafi’s execution - “We came, we saw, he died” - has now come full circle, with Stevens paying for such despicable arrogance with his life.

After NATO-backed insurgents with links to Al-Qaeda helped topple Colonel Gaddafi in Libya, they proudly flew the distinctive black Al-Qaeda flag over courthouses in Benghazi and other centers of power. That same flag flew over the Consulate today after the U.S. flag was torn down and burned."