September 29, 2012

Israeli Lobbyist Confirms 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, While Israeli PM Draws Ridicule At The UN

The global 9/11 truth and justice movement was vindicated again when Patrick Clawson, the Director of Research at the Washington Institute of Near East Policy (WINEP), publicly suggested that the United States and Israel stage a false flag provocation in the Persian Gulf to justify U.S. military action and switch the war against Iran to another gear.

If Clawson's suggestion is acted upon, it won't be the first time that Israeli and American leaders slaughtered sacrificial lambs in a false flag operation and used the event to deceive their shell-shocked nations into war. Both the USS Liberty cover-up and the false flag September 11 events demonstrate the willingness of Israeli and U.S. administrations to dance with the devil.

For the full context of Clawson's remarks, watch the complete video titled, "How to Build U.S.-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout."

Clawson's comments are hardly surprising. 9/11 truth-tellers have been saying for years that the same governments who pulled off the 9/11 deception will again resort to the tactic of a covert false flag operation to get the world to support a U.S.-Israeli war against Iran.

But the truth is that the United States is already at war with Iran. I reported back in April that the aim of U.S. sanctions against Iran is to provoke an Iranian pearl harbor, thereby mobilizing American public opinion for an all-out American-Western-Israeli war against Iran.

Clawson is not a demonic outlier, he is only publicly acknowledging what is covert U.S. policy. The FDR administration pulled Japan into the same trap through sanctions and covert warfare that the Bush and Obama administrations have laid out for Iran.

If the sanctions don't provoke an Iranian response, which goes against the history of the use of sanctions in this way, then the U.S., or more likely Israel, will stage a false flag event and use it to blame Iran. Clawson's admission merely confirms our original suspicions and adds weight to our predictions that there will be a new US-Israeli false flag to start a new war.

According to many analysts, the likely American victim in the Persian Gulf will be the USS Enterprise. Of course, it may never happen. If there are level-headed and peace-minded people in and around the U.S. military like former Navy Adviser Gwenyth Todd then the American people and the Iranian people will be saved from a catastrophic and pointless war with each other.

But it is stupid to hope for the best. Staying vigilant is key because a new false flag can happen any day, either in the United States, Europe, or the Persian Gulf.

Traditionally, the false flag card was the "secret card" that was played very close to the Zionist/Globalist chest, but arrogant characters like Clawson mistakenly believe that people aren't paying attention so why hold back? This thinking shows a level of arrogance that is very dangerous for the powers-that-be in the United States and Israel.

There are more rational people within the U.S. establishment like Zbigniew Brzezinski who are aware that there is a massive global political awakening and know that an illegitimate attack against Iran is a fool's errand. Speaking to The Real News about a potentially disastrous US-Iran war in January 2010, Brzezinski said:
"The Chinese are getting more involved in Iranian economy 'cause they need energy, and they're not going to be particularly grateful if we produce a conflict in the region. And that will also affect them. And what consequences that might have for the world economy is hard to predict. All I'm saying is don't trifle with the silly notion, oh, we'll just bomb them and the problem is solved. It's a false analogy, and historically it's one fundamental lesson we shouldn't forget: Stalin and the Soviet Union was more of a threat than Iran ever will be, and yet we deterred it. Mao Zedong talked of a nuclear war which might kill 300 million people, and so what [inaudible] we didn't have a war with the Chinese. Why should we act like crazies in dealing with Iran?"
A third world war will destroy America, Israel, and Iran, and make way for a one world order through a violent birth. Only individuals with a disturbed imagination believe that massive political and social change can only be produced violently and catastrophically. If America and Iran restore ties, the situation in the Middle East would improve dramatically, especially on the Israel-Palestine front.

But we cannot depend on governments to improve anything. There must be a creation of a united and global peace movement based on the efforts of the global 9/11 truth and justice movement. And it must begin in America because its gifted people hold the most important key to world peace, which is their non-compliance with the hijacked U.S. government and U.S. media.

The failing and collapsing U.S. state-corporate media cannot compete in an environment where different voices and different opinions can be heard. The global alternative media is alert, expanding, and ready to knock down any new deception at a moment's notice.

Radio host Alex Jones and Emmy award-winning journalist Amber Lyon recently discussed the increasing value of the global alternative media and how it is changing global political conversations. "As journalists," said Lyon, "we cannot pick and choose when or when not to tell the truth. We always have to be truth-seekers and trying to expose the truth on every level."

The rapid online response to Clawson's repulsive statements has been extraordinary and is another sign that American public opinion will not be hijacked so easily the next time a false flag occurs that pushes America into another unnecessary war. It shows us that any new false flag event will be rightly interpreted as an act by the terrorist states in Israel and the U.S., thus negating its function: mobilizing public opinion in America and the West for another war in the Middle East.

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley wrote the following about Clawson's false flag suggestion in his article, "False Flag: Leading Analyst At Pro-Israeli Think Tank Publicly Discusses How U.S. Can Be Forced Into War With Iran":
"It is the callous disconnect that is most chilling in these remarks. Thousands of U.S. soldiers have died or have been crippled for life in these wars that have left the country near bankruptcy (and increasingly hostile “allies” in Afghanistan and Iraq). Those casualties and costs, however, appear immaterial in the discussion of supporting Israel in a war against Iran."
Clawson displays a horrifying indifference to the suffering of American soldiers, and ordinary people in the Middle East. Many commentators have noted Clawson's unmanly characteristics. He is one of those "girlie men" that Schwarzenegger mocked at the Republican National Convention in 2004. Washington is full of such men. They have lost touch with what being a man means. To them, dropping bombs on innocent villagers in a foreign country from a shack in Nevada is a demonstration of toughness.

Clawson and others like him in the U.S.-Israeli establishment who believe that the murder of innocent people is a necessary evil don't recognize the natural boundaries of right and wrong. The morality of decisions does not enter their calculations, and this is their greatest mistake.

II. Netanyahu Draws Ridicule At The UN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ridiculed after he delivered his first grade level speech at the United Nations on Thursday, September 27, for bringing a kindergarten bomb chart to a serious international meeting. Another reason he was not taken seriously is because he does not have any moral authority. Neither does President Obama, by the way, but at least he has the grace to express himself on an international stage in a thoughtful and respectable manner. Netanyahu lacks grace, moral authority, and thoughtfulness.

A video capturing a young Benjamin Netanyahu in the United States in the 1970s shows a crazy side of him that seems to be a permanent feature. His rigid sense of rightness, demonstrated in the video, is scary. He can't tolerate different opinions and views. He is a classic case of an authoritarian personality.

I'm surprised that an intellectual nation like Israel elected this man who only uses emotion to get his points across and throws logic aside. Then again, it's not really surprising. Germany, the most intellectual nation in Europe, elected the demagogue Hitler. The comparison is apt, because as Dr. Steve Pieczenik said on the Alex Jones show on September 16, Netanyahu is "the Hitler of the 21st century."

Any country, no matter how civilized, can be mentally captured for a period of time in its history and become a victim of emotion-based, fear-mongering rhetoric. America, Israel, England, Germany, Russia, Iran, France, the country and time doesn't matter. We're all humans - emotional creatures who can be easily manipulated, easily led to war, and easily hoodwinked by men in power.

The difference between Hitler and Netanyahu is that Hitler had stage presence, whereas Netanyahu is an international laughing stock. This will turn out to be a good thing not only for the people of Israel, Iran, and America, but for the whole world.