September 8, 2012

Former Top Navy Adviser: Richard Clarke Is A Traitor

On Thursday, September 6, Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, wrote an article called, "White House Terror Czar Richard Clarke and Admiral Cosgiff Named." Here are key excerpts:
"Two weeks ago, former National Security Advisor to Presidents Clinton and Bush (43) Gwyneth Todd was featured in the Washington Post.  

Today, Todd “named names” tied to espionage and terrorism, high ranking naval officers, some currently serving.

She also implicated former White House counter-terrorism czar, Richard Clarke in an espionage conspiracy against the United States.
Richard Clarke, after leaving government, has been a very public critic of the Bush administration and the handling of the War on Terror.  However, sources advise us that Clarke’s behavior is part of a campaign of “covering his behind” as Clarke’s real history is one totally at odds with the public image he is now portraying.

When military and intelligence officials are questioned, off the record:  “If any Bush official were involved in 9/11 and the “truthers” were correct, who would you name.”

Most say:  “Richard Clarke”
Then many give reasons, reasons with no audience, no grand jury, no commission, just their own suspicions, particularly those who worked closely with him."
What is the public image of Richard Clarke? In an interview in May 2011 with Bill Maher about Obama's fake assassinaiton of Osama Bin Laden, he was described by Maher as the go-to guy on national security related issues.

Imagine that! The go-to guy when it comes to the defense of America is the one stabbing the country in the back! Clarke is abusing the trust that the American people placed in him. This is something a priest would do to a child. It is sick and evil.

In the interview, speaking about the manufactured story of Bin Laden's death, Clarke said:
"Some of them don't believe he's dead, even though Al-Qaeda has said he's dead. But all these pictures of him with the white beard, watching himself on Al Jazeera, they think that's all made up. The Middle East believes in conspiracy theories, anyway. If you think we believe in conspiracy theories in this country, in the Middle East it's bread and butter."
What an arrogant liar. The people of America, the West, and the Middle East believe in truth and reality, not "conspiracy theories." And it doesn't matter what Al-Qaeda says about Bin Laden's death because Al-Qaeda is the CIA.

Bin Laden was dead even before the false messiah Barack Obama became President. Bin Laden was not in the raid. His image survived up to the day of May 1st, 2011, but he personally did not make it. Nobody assassinated Bin Laden.

Clarke is lying. Obama is lying. Al Qaeda is lying. The media is lying.

Video: HBO host Bill Maher interviews Richard Clarke days after President Obama's announcement that he ordered the death of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. The story, it turns out, is a lie.