September 29, 2012

Former CNN Journalist Amber Lyon: Obama Is Criminalizing Journalism

"You're not a conspiracy theorist," Emmy award-winning journalist Amber Lyon tells Alex Jones. This is what a real journalist looks like.

More quotes from the interview: 

"I was forced out of CNN."

"This is really scary because the U.S. public is being misinformed by such a powerful network."

"CNN should issue an apology to its viewers." 

"As journalists we cannot pick and choose when or when not to tell the truth. We always have to be truth-seekers and trying to expose the truth on every level."

On her experience in reporting in Bahrain: "I felt like I had a leash tightening around my neck and duct tape across my mouth because I knew these people were suffering and were being gassed, and killed, and tortured. . . And I knew this was going on, and it eventually became nearly impossible to get a story through about Bahrain in the network."