September 2, 2012

A Nation At War With The World: Israel Isolates Itself By Trying To Isolate Iran

Netanyahu: The face of a monster.
"“We need not apologize,” Netanyahu thundered Sunday — and repeated the phrase three times. He’s opted for a needless road to an isolation that weakens Israel and undermines the strategic interests of its closest ally, the United States." - Roger Cohen, "Israel Isolates Itself," NY Times, September 5, 2011.

"The alleged "international isolation" of Iran is obviously nothing but a western propaganda item and the NAM meeting in Tehran proves this. Still western news media, DLF isn't far from alone in this, repeat this propaganda item even while reporting the facts reveal it as such. Do they really expect that their listeners will not detect such doublethink?" - b of Moon of Alabama, "The Myth Of An Isolated Iran," August 26, 2012.

"An attack on Iran, by Israel alone or by some U.S. led gang, would indeed be highly illegal. It would a war of aggression and thereby a supreme crime." - b of Moon of Alabama, "Dempsey: War On Iran Would Be Illegal," September 1, 2012.

"As much as the American Jewish Lobby, together with Barak and Netanyahu are pushing for a new global conflict, America may still be saved by just a few brains who are beginning to realize that Israel is the biggest threat to world peace." - Gilad Atzmon, "Did America say no to Israel?" September 1, 2012. 
Israel's existence is a reality that cannot be changed, nor should it be because the Middle East is infinitely richer with a Jewish state. But this great beast must be tamed. An overbearing and aggressive Israel has been the cause of so many regional wars and international instability over the last several decades.

Israel's single-minded pursuit of its goals at the expense of peace and international law cannot be tolerated by the international community any longer. Its perpetual war stance vis-à-vis the Islamic world is a losing strategy.

With that said, Iranian rhetoric against the Jewish state is extreme and must change. Although, we have to keep in mind that the Western media has deliberately mistranslated the words of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad time and time again in order to paint Iran as anti-Semitic.

This is nonsense and not based in reality. The Iranian nation has never in its 2,500-year history persecuted the Jewish people or disrespected the Jewish religion. Iran's resistance against the Zionist project in Palestine and the Middle East has nothing to do with hatred for the Jewish people.

As other commentators have pointed out, the difference between Zionism and Judaism couldn't be greater. The Zionist state's merciless actions towards the defenseless Palestinians and its regional neighbours does not reflect the ethics and morals of the Jewish people. British journalist Alan Hart wrote back in March 2010 in his article, "Anti-Semitism – Zionist myth v truth and reality":
"Anti-Semitism properly and honestly defined is prejudice against and loathing and even hatred of Jews, all Jews everywhere, just because they are Jews.

Anti-Semitism as defined by Zionism, the colonial, ethnic cleansing enterprise of some Jews, has come to mean almost all criticism of Israel’s policies and actions, in particular its oppression of the Palestinians, and, also, criticism on the basis of revelations from the documented truth of history which expose Zionism’s propaganda for the nonsense it is. Put another way, anti-Semitism as defined by supporters of Israel right or wrong is anything written or said by anybody that challenges and contradicts Zionism’s version of events. In effect Zionists say, “If you disagree with us, you’re anti-Semitic.”"
Only cowards and fools are intimidated by the "anti-Semitic" label. This isn't 1945. The world is in the mysterious year of 2012, which should represent the future, renewal, and change. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other war criminals want to keep Israel, America, and the world stuck in the past. Netanyahu evokes memories of the Holocaust to justify his ridiculous paranoia about Iran's intentions.

Logically minded people know that it is absurd for a country like Israel that possesses nuclear weapons to threaten and attack a country like Iran which has none and believes the possession of such weapons is "a sin."

Iran's existence and security is in danger, not just Israel's. But, so far, Iran has refrained from developing nuclear weapons, even though it is entitled to such a deterrent against aggression.

II. Fantasy And Fiction

The media hype about the "Iranian threat" is based on fantasy and fiction. Iran has not attacked any country in recent historical memory. Its posture is defensive, not imperialistic.

Despite all their tough talk, America and Israel have failed to isolate Iran. Iran is not a pariah state. The world correctly recognizes that Iran is not a threat to the world. The real threat to global stability and world peace comes from Israel and the United States.

It is a moral imperative to criticize Israel and the United States for their crimes against humanity, their crimes against world peace, and their record of state terrorism. Western governments are making a major mistake by transferring USrael's sins onto Iran in an attempt to isolate Iran and wage a total war upon its people. Making Iran a scapegoat is an evil act. 

Recently, a German MP said in an interview with Russia Today that it is suicidal for Israel to attack Iran. Most of the world would agree. Israel would be a fool to attack Iran. Israel's existence is not at stake. Israel's problems are domestic. It is suffering from an internal political crisis. Its situation, ironically, mirrors that of Iran.

Instead of lashing out at Iran, America and Israel should look inward and fix their own problems. The same goes for Iran.