August 2, 2012

Turkey's Folly Gives Syrian Kurds A Victory

"Arabs are fighting, Kurds are winning," wrote Turkish journalist Ertuğrul Özkök on July 26. He added:
"There is a strange situation both in Iraq and in Syria: Arabs are fighting each other, people are dying. The Kurds are taking one more step on their path to an independent state. Besides, they are able to achieve this without firing one bullet, without losing one soul."
Journalist Pepe Escobar wrote about the new geopolitical reality in northern Syria in his article, "Welcome to the ’Kurdish Spring’." An excerpt: 
"The KNC and the PYD may bicker about everything else, but basically agree on the essential; the civil war in Syria shall not penetrate Syria Kurdistan; after all, when it comes to the nitty gritty, they are neither pro-Assad nor pro-opposition; they favor Kurdish interests. The agreement was sealed under the auspices of their cousins - the Iraqi Kurds. And it explains why they are now in full control of a de facto Kurdish enclave in northeast Syria.

As much as Turkish paranoia may apply, it’s a long and winding road from a semi-autonomous area to an independent Kurdistan agglutinating Kurds in both Syria and Iraq - not to mention, in the long run, Turkish Kurds. Yet half of a possible, future, independent Kurdistan would indeed be Turkish. Ankara’s nightmare in progress is that the closer Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan get, the merrier the agitation among Turkish Kurds in Anatolia."
To get a greater understanding of the Turkish reaction to what is going on in the Kurdish region of Syria, read Claire Berlinski's article, "The Arab Spring is Now the Kurdish Spring: Turkey Wakes Up to a Nightmare of its Own Making."

There is no doubt that Turkey is pursuing a course of folly by committing aggression against its neighbour. Siding with the West and the medieval Gulf monarchies against Syria is the stupidest thing it has ever done. It is going against its own interests.

Unsurprisingly, there is growing dissent within Turkey against Erdogan's disastrous leadership. The writer "b" of Moon of Alabama says that the Turkish military is more disunited than the Syrian military: 
"Twenty percent of all Turkish generals are currently in jail for allegedly preparing a coup. Those 68 prisoners, three times as many as allegedly defected from the Syrian forces, are some of the most experienced Turkish soldiers. They should be publicly listened to before Erdogan sends the Turkish army into Syria and thereby off its tracks."
Erdogan is feeding his own country poison by attacking Syria and supporting the Jihadist terrorists who plan to systematically kill Christians and other minorities if they ever gain power in Syria.

One Turkish journalist says that there is a high prospect of a clash between the NATO/GCC-backed "Free Syrian Army" and the Kurdish group the PKK down the road.

The mercenaries and savages in the FSA have massacred innocent civilians and looted homes in several towns. 

The FSA is an army from hell that aims to rape, pillage, and burn, not liberate the Syrian people and establish a democratic regime. It is not an army of liberation, but of destruction. Any country that supports this army is on the side of hell.